Spontaneous Cleaning is the New Wave

I’m not a super spontaneous person.

I don’t really do things out of the blue, but I did something out of nowhere last night.

I spent like 2 and a half hours cleaning my room.

If I’m being honest with you guys, I haven’t given my room a true deep clean in too long to say on a public platform.

But homegirl has decided to have a clean bedroom.

I’m homegirl.

I really wanted to free up some space to make it easier for Peanut to traverse the room with her bad hip, so I’m gonna move some furniture around once the actual cleaning is done. I have a very inconveniently placed coffee table in my room and I’ve decided it needs to go somewhere else.

I’m also hoping (this ones a long shot) to put together a bed frame my moms boyfriend gave me.

I haven’t ever had a nice bed frame before. I’ve only had like the riser things but never an actual frame. I’ve always dreamed of having one though and the messiness of my room has prevented me from building this one.

Not anymore though!!!!

I’m gonna have a nice bedroom!!!!!!



That is all.


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