Photography Blues

There’s this girl whose photos circulate online about once a month.

She builds these elaborate sets, models, and takes the photos herself (with timer I think!).

I think I wanna try to do something like that.

I really enjoy photographing myself, but I haven’t done much set building before. I think that would really help to increase the level of ~interesting~ in my self portraits.

I’m trying to conceptualize some shoots to do because I really want to try at that. Yeah.

On the topic of self portraits, though, I’m mad.

I lost my shutter button.

I actually lost it like 2 weeks ago and I still can’t find it to save my life!!

I’ve looked everywhere that I frequently go in my house and no shutter button in site. I was thinking I may find it in my room while cleaning, but nope. No button. Mad.

I’m hoping to track it down soon, but I’m not hopeful.

I even looked through our backyard to see if maybe I dropped it out there while taking pictures outdoors. Nope.


And I’m not normally a stuff loser. I tend to have a great grasp on where my belongings are, but this d*mn button is nowhere to be found. :(((((((

Well, I’m gonna go back to looking.


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