Assorted Topics March 19th, 2019

Hi again.

I really have a tough time making entries over like 100 words lately so I’m kinda just gonna combine some drafts here.

Jin’s sugar glider died 😦

Today Jin from BTS told us that his sugar glider Odeng died. I’m sad for him. It makes me sad when animal friends die.

He was such a cute dude, too.

Warning: Menstruation

I know people may not want to hear about this so there’s my disclaimer.

So with my birth control implant my cycle is irregular. I knew this going into it and I don’t necessarily regret my implant.

However, last month I didn’t get my period so I knew this month would be long. But Jesus!

My period has been going on for 20 days.

At this point it’s just spotting, but still. I’d like to comfortably wear some white pants.

Let’s hope it ends before March does I guess.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

I’ve developed quite an interest in rhythmic gymnastics. Well, I’ve always had some sort of an interest but it’s gotten stronger.

I like to play Russian documentaries in the background as I study Russian language and the other day I chose one on rhythmic gymnasts and I was so enthralled that I didn’t get any studying done.

I’m gonna try to do some rhythmic gymnastics esque stuff on my own just for fun. It’s quite motivating to see them perform.

Took a really cute picture of Peanut


with stickers
without stickers

My ankles are improving!

I was having a tough time with ankle pain recently, so I’ve been really working on resistance training my ankles for about a week and a half and guess what?

Less cracking!

My ankles only crack like 2 times a day lately!

I’m trying to carve out specific time in my days so I can work on my ankles, back and wrists with no interruption. I’m very happy. I’m hoping my neck will improve as well with some o the effort I’m putting in with it.

Plus my arches have gotten deeper!

I’m in total Pokemon fever

You may know about my enthusiasm for the Detective Pikachu movie. I may or may not have mentioned it. (that means I’ve talked about it ad nauseam)

I am literally on the edge of my seat. I put the release date of the movie in my calendar. I’m hoping to see it in theaters more than once if it’s good. I just really hope this movie is super successful so that they’ll make more cgi pokemon movies in the future. I’m just so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I even changed my cursor on my laptop to pikachu.

I had to take a photo of the screen because it doesn’t show up in screenshots.

Saw a former coworker in public the other day

It was fine. She was one of my favorites.

It was just weird, you know?

Utilizing a ruler in my bujo finally

I have a confession to make.

I never used to use a ruler when I made my spreads in my bullet journal.

Don’t tell me you can tell!

But, it always felt like a nuisance until recently when I did one where I really wanted thin black lines and I’m very happy with how it looks. Si I’m gonna put in the extra time now to use a ruler. Are the bullet journal gods happy with me?

last weeks spread

That’s it

I don’t have much else to write about.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT (3/20/2019): My period ended! I manifested it.



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  1. buddy71

    i see you want to be an entertainer, but with your ability to speak several languages would you consider working as an interpreter? im sure there are many companies you could work for, like the united nations?? it was just a thought.
    also, with your menstruation lasting so long, and i know having an iud it can have several things that can be “normal” but maybe a call or email to your doctor might be a nice idea. im just voicing a concern.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mikah Victoria

      hi! thank you for your concern! i’ve spoken to my OB the other day and she isn’t concerned. neither is my mom (who is a women’s health nurse). i’m considering doing translation as a day hob to support my music dreams. i’m probably gonna learn french at some point too so i can be UN certifies as a hyperpolyglot. thanks so much for your comment!


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