Orlando Days 7 & 8: Relaxing and Reservations Across Disney

Day 7

This day we stayed at the hotel most of the day. I decided to do my “high maintenance” self care routine and my mom recovered in her bed.

We did have one big plan for this day though.. Be Our Guest.

This was really my moms thing. She absolutely adores Beauty and the Beast, so she was basically counting down to this.

She felt awful and was having a tough time even getting around with how bad her breathing was, so we rented a wheelchair and my mom had the luxury of having a very wild ride courtesy of me. I think we counted that I ran into 12 people… Sorry 12 people.

The restaurant is very nice. There kinda wasn’t anything for me to eat though. I had a salad. Uneventful. My mom said she liked her food though. I liked the themeing.

At the end you can take a photo with the beast. I didn’t teke one myself because I honestly don’t care for Beauty and the Beast (plus the beast kinda freaked me out), but my mom did. She was like a little kid.

I have photos of the decor though!

i love a good mosaic.
The desert. You can eat the paper underneath.

Day 8

This day we had another reservation my mom was excited for. Ok, I was excited too.

We had a reservation at Trattoria Al Forno where they do a Bon Voyage Breakfast where you can meet Ariel, Rapunzel, Prince Eric, and Flynn Ryder!

My mom made me ask Flynn what’s in his satchel because he’s supposedly supposed to open it up and there’s a tiara inside. He didn’t open it for me so I just felt like a weirdo.

They made me vegan pancakes! Very exciting.

After breakfast, we caught a ride to Hollywood Studios because we had an exciting fast pass and my mom would never miss it no matter how awful she felt.

Slinky Dog Dash!

I loved this ride. It’s really cute, it’s pretty long for a rollercoaster, plus everything is so cute!!! Especially Slinky!

HE’S COMING HE’S COMING HE’S COMING (+10 points for whoever gets that reference)

After this we went to the frozen singalong (I didn’t take photos because audience etiquette) and then my mom was exhausted so she went back to the hotel and I went… to Disney Springs.

The last time we went to Disney, Disney Springs was still Downtown Disney.

It’s a huge update. Like nothing was recognizable.

I didn’t do a ton there. I ate at the pizza place (I think it’s called Blaze) and went into a few stores.

I went to Melissa, Zara, World of Disney, and Uniqlo. I only bought 1 thing: a dress from Uniqlo (on sale for 9 dollars!). I’d actually never been to a Uniqlo, Zara, or Melissa. It was all very new to me. There were some really cute sneakers in Zara but they were on clearance for 48 dollars! CLEARANCE. I passed on those.

After noodling around in Disney Springs, I went back to the hotel to cool down and meet up with my mom because we had one more exciting reservation!

The Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue!!!!

I love The Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, dude.

There’s not much on the menu that I can eat. By not much I mean corn.

But that doesn’t matter because the show is so fun!

I again didn’t take photos because of audience etiquette, but my mom snuck 2 candids of me being overly enthusiastic about the washboard.

Yep. After that we went back to the hotel to sleep.

I just noticed that this was an uber unhealthy day of eating… Oh well, it’s disney.

Thank you for reading!


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