Why Do People Hate Chihuahuas?

I knew that a lot of people have a distaste for small dogs, but I didn’t know people actively hated them.

I always figured it was caused by some hatred of the things that small dogs are associated with; purse puppy culture, Paris Hilton, opulence in general. I’ve come to find, however, that people hate chihuahuas because they’re supposedly aggressive.

Recently a video has gone semi-viral of a pitbull playing with a chihuahua and the chihuahua responding with aggression. Literally 95% of the commentary I’ve seen on the video has been about how the pit should’ve attacked the chihuahua and how awful chihuahuas are and I’m… befuddled.

It seems that these people have lost their grip on reality.

If pitbulls can have aggression excused because “it’s about how you raise them” why can’t chihuahuas? I mean even if a chihuahua and a pitbull harbor the same amount of aggression, are we really going to say that the chihuahua is a bigger danger?

A breed standard chihuahua is under 6 pounds.

Like, get a grip.

I’ll concede to the fact that chihuahuas can often be aggressive, but can you blame them? As I’ve just stated, they’re tiny. Imagine living in a world populated by tyrannosaurus’. I’d be hostile too!

I’ll even admit that one of my chihuahuas has moments of aggression. Peanut isn’t very quick to open up and she’ll sometimes growl at Poptart. But she’s 2 and a half pounds… Even Poptart is bigger than her and he’s barely hitting 4 pounds when he’s sopping wet. It doesn’t help that for her entire life I’ve relentlessly spoiled Peanut. When she was a puppy I’d carry her everywhere. Yeah, she’ll act weird. What do you expect? The world is treacherous when you’re the size of a can of soup.

So now is when I’ll show you some of the things that show up on twitter when you look up “chihuahua”.

I love pit bulls as much as the next guy, but I can very easily link to like 10 stories of pit bulls actually killing people. Oh no, your poor ankles.
Because we have good taste.
And I think poodles are ugly but you don’t see me calling them demons.
Apparently the looks of a dog are their sole source of merit now? I wish I got the memo.
A. They’re one of the oldest dog breeds and served many utilitarian purposes from letter delivery to snake killing to even food B. Why is being compared to rats an insult? They’re super intelligent, clean, and have very developed feelings. Like chihuahuas.
Oooooo breed specific legislation. How sway.

Ok. I’ll stop being rude now and leave you with the one sensible thing I found.

Oh. and some Peanut and Poptart pictures.

friends forever. It was very hard to take this photo so I’ll use it forever.

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