How Do You Even Tell If You’re A Good Dancer?

I’ve been trying to become a better freestyle dancer as of lately.

I’ve always been relatively good at dancing to choreography, but if I don’t have a plan I straight up forget where the floor is.

I don’t know if that would classify me in the good or bad dancer range.

I’ve been recording awful, private webcam videos of myself dancing so I can assess my skill and dear god. These videos are like CCTV footage from a crime scene. I am disgusted.

I’ve been trying to block in at least 3 songs worth of dancing every day and I’ve noticed real differences in the past week and a half-ish, but sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever improve to the point of being good.

I’ve noticed that my feet are less floppy when I dance now and I’m less anxious about my arms. I’d really like to consistently be on beat soon, though.

If I can get there I’ll feel like I’m at least decent.

I’ve always wondered where the line for “good dancer” is located because I’ve seen a lot of people who I’d call great be referred to as bad dancers and a lot of people who look really awkward be called amazing. Like Jin from BTS for example: people say he’s a bad dancer, but to keep up with BTS’ choreography you have to be at least well above average.

I’ll say I’m a good dancer and maybe people will believe me.


That’s the plan.


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