Missing Marshmallow

I miss my rabbit.

Marshmallow’s birthday is April 5th and since I remembered that I’ve been a little bit down.

I just really wish he was still here.

I really think Mel was such a wonderful companion for me. He really inspired me to think harder about animal welfare and how we humans treat our companions on the planet. I think Mel was integral to my conversion to veganism and if there’s anything to thank him for it’s that.

Sometimes I’ll think I hear him. He always liked to dig at the floor of his enclosure in the morning and sometimes when I wake up I hear the digging.

I sometimes feel like I see him and London, too.

Sometimes I’ll look over from my bed and I’ll see a grey mound on my chair and I swear it’s London every time. And sometimes I feel Mel licking my face. He always loved to give kisses.

I think Poptart misses him too.

They were friends. They’d run around and chase each other. And Poptart liked to hump Mel. I think Poptart knows he’ll never see Marshmallow again.

I always worry about Maddie. She’s an old lady and I know she’s getting up there in age. I’ll miss her a lot when she’s gone.

We think she’s going senile. She sometimes needs a second to remember who I am when she sees me in the morning. I don’t want her to forget me. We’ve been friends for 14 years.

She’s the last of her siblings.

On my 5th birthday my mom surprised me with 3 kittens and now at 18 I’ve got one.

I wish we knew her real birthday. I’ve made one up, I say July 2nd.

I hope she gets to 15.

I just love animals, dude.

Ok. I’m gonna go be less solemn now.

Thanks for reading.


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