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Assorted Topics March 19th, 2019

Hi again.

I really have a tough time making entries over like 100 words lately so I’m kinda just gonna combine some drafts here.

Jin’s sugar glider died 😦

Today Jin from BTS told us that his sugar glider Odeng died. I’m sad for him. It makes me sad when animal friends die.

He was such a cute dude, too.

Warning: Menstruation

I know people may not want to hear about this so there’s my disclaimer.

So with my birth control implant my cycle is irregular. I knew this going into it and I don’t necessarily regret my implant.

However, last month I didn’t get my period so I knew this month would be long. But Jesus!

My period has been going on for 20 days.

At this point it’s just spotting, but still. I’d like to comfortably wear some white pants.

Let’s hope it ends before March does I guess.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

I’ve developed quite an interest in rhythmic gymnastics. Well, I’ve always had some sort of an interest but it’s gotten stronger.

I like to play Russian documentaries in the background as I study Russian language and the other day I chose one on rhythmic gymnasts and I was so enthralled that I didn’t get any studying done.

I’m gonna try to do some rhythmic gymnastics esque stuff on my own just for fun. It’s quite motivating to see them perform.

Took a really cute picture of Peanut


with stickers
without stickers

My ankles are improving!

I was having a tough time with ankle pain recently, so I’ve been really working on resistance training my ankles for about a week and a half and guess what?

Less cracking!

My ankles only crack like 2 times a day lately!

I’m trying to carve out specific time in my days so I can work on my ankles, back and wrists with no interruption. I’m very happy. I’m hoping my neck will improve as well with some o the effort I’m putting in with it.

Plus my arches have gotten deeper!

I’m in total Pokemon fever

You may know about my enthusiasm for the Detective Pikachu movie. I may or may not have mentioned it. (that means I’ve talked about it ad nauseam)

I am literally on the edge of my seat. I put the release date of the movie in my calendar. I’m hoping to see it in theaters more than once if it’s good. I just really hope this movie is super successful so that they’ll make more cgi pokemon movies in the future. I’m just so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I even changed my cursor on my laptop to pikachu.

I had to take a photo of the screen because it doesn’t show up in screenshots.

Saw a former coworker in public the other day

It was fine. She was one of my favorites.

It was just weird, you know?

Utilizing a ruler in my bujo finally

I have a confession to make.

I never used to use a ruler when I made my spreads in my bullet journal.

Don’t tell me you can tell!

But, it always felt like a nuisance until recently when I did one where I really wanted thin black lines and I’m very happy with how it looks. Si I’m gonna put in the extra time now to use a ruler. Are the bullet journal gods happy with me?

last weeks spread

That’s it

I don’t have much else to write about.

Thanks for reading.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2019

It’s a holiday!

I really like having reasons to celebrate and this is just another one. Although, if I’m being honest I don’t really get St. Patrick’s Day. Like I’ve googled why people celebrate it, but I don’t gel with the ways in which people celebrate. (I’m talking about drinking)

So I celebrated in my favorite way…

Camwhoring! And making the dogs wear clothes!

So… Uh… Here are a few photos.

*scroll all the way through for dog photos!*

I actually really love green
A very solid attempt at getting a natural looking pose where you can see the cute green purse.

Ok, the dog pictures you’ve been waiting for.

Posh is up first for the green cowboy hat.
And… She hated every moment of it.
Next up: Samoa
He dealt with it better, but photographing him is actual torture so this is the only photo where I got his face.

I wish I could get pictures of Peanut, Poptart, and Maddie in the green cowboy hat, but it’s like the size of Peanut’s torso so it wouldn’t fit on their heads. Poptart was scared of it when I showed it to him.

That’s all for now.

Please, nobody pinch me.

Never Wrote About Chess!

I forgot I was gonna write on here about learning to play chess…..

I didn’t remember until I was looking through my categories and realized “chess” has it’s own category on my blog.

So I’ll update you on learning to play chess.

I spent about 2 months trying to figure out rules. I think I have a solid grasp now.

I’ve been playing on an app with a computer competitor. I haven’t won yet but I’ve gotten close!

Yeah… That’s all…

Thanks for reading.

Photography Blues

There’s this girl whose photos circulate online about once a month.

She builds these elaborate sets, models, and takes the photos herself (with timer I think!).

I think I wanna try to do something like that.

I really enjoy photographing myself, but I haven’t done much set building before. I think that would really help to increase the level of ~interesting~ in my self portraits.

I’m trying to conceptualize some shoots to do because I really want to try at that. Yeah.

On the topic of self portraits, though, I’m mad.

I lost my shutter button.

I actually lost it like 2 weeks ago and I still can’t find it to save my life!!

I’ve looked everywhere that I frequently go in my house and no shutter button in site. I was thinking I may find it in my room while cleaning, but nope. No button. Mad.

I’m hoping to track it down soon, but I’m not hopeful.

I even looked through our backyard to see if maybe I dropped it out there while taking pictures outdoors. Nope.


And I’m not normally a stuff loser. I tend to have a great grasp on where my belongings are, but this d*mn button is nowhere to be found. :(((((((

Well, I’m gonna go back to looking.

Spontaneous Cleaning is the New Wave

I’m not a super spontaneous person.

I don’t really do things out of the blue, but I did something out of nowhere last night.

I spent like 2 and a half hours cleaning my room.

If I’m being honest with you guys, I haven’t given my room a true deep clean in too long to say on a public platform.

But homegirl has decided to have a clean bedroom.

I’m homegirl.

I really wanted to free up some space to make it easier for Peanut to traverse the room with her bad hip, so I’m gonna move some furniture around once the actual cleaning is done. I have a very inconveniently placed coffee table in my room and I’ve decided it needs to go somewhere else.

I’m also hoping (this ones a long shot) to put together a bed frame my moms boyfriend gave me.

I haven’t ever had a nice bed frame before. I’ve only had like the riser things but never an actual frame. I’ve always dreamed of having one though and the messiness of my room has prevented me from building this one.

Not anymore though!!!!

I’m gonna have a nice bedroom!!!!!!



That is all.

Week in the Life: March 8th-March 14th, 2019

I proposed doing weekly recaps back in September and I think I may have done one, but I think I’ve figured out how to do this in a non-redundant manner.

I’m gonna tell you guys the biggest thing that happened each day.

Ok, that’s my intro.

Friday, March 8th

Yoongi day.

His birthday is actually the 9th, but it’s the 9th on the 8th in Korea if that makes sense? I was just very happy for him.

Saturday, March 9th

I changed my blog theme!

I plan on refining my theme some time in the near future, but I like it right now anyway.

My theme is quite mod for my taste. I’d really like to make a custom theme for my blog because I’d like a different font and frilled edges on the widgets and text boxes. I’d like a lot of things for my blog. I’m hoping to upgrade to the highest wordpress level once my plan runs out. It likely won’t happen but it’s ok. I can dream.

Sunday, March 10th

Exciting development: my grocery store has mango sorbet now.

I know, super huge deal, right?

I really like mango flavored stuff, but this stuff kinda tastes like pennies.

But it’s fine, you taste the mango at the same time. Just don’t think about the pennies.

Monday, March 11th

Tried a new hair mask. It’s super good.

It’s a Creme of Nature mask, the one in the yellow package. To my knowledge they’re cruelty free and such, but there isn’t a ton of info. I would imagine they are since the likelihood of Creme of Nature products being sold in China is like negative 90%.

My hair still feel super moisturized and soft and it’s been multiple days. Like I have no product in my hair but WATER!!!

That doesn’t happen to me.

I just wanted to see what would happen if I used no product and my hair feels like when I use a metric ton of leave in.

Tuesday, March 12th

Was stretching and realized I have my oversplits back.

Well, my right oversplits. I haven’t had much mobility lately with my bone crunching issue, but I’ve been trying to stretch more and do more weight bearing exercise and I feel notably better!

I still hurt, but if I’m being honest I haven’t not hurt since I was like 13. So an improvement is all I can ask for.

Wednesday, March 13th

Woke up with a fever.

Not fun like the other things.

I just had a fever. I felt like hot garbage so I took an excessively long nap in the middle of the day.

Thursday, March 14th

I got more disney photos from my mom!

I’m gonna make an entry of all my photos that haven’t been put in prior entries after I finish my disney entries.

I just really overused the word entry.

Orlando Day 6: Going to EPCOT Alone

Back with another Disney entry.

This day was an odd day. As I mentioned in my last entry, my mom was getting sick. On this day, she felt full fledged awful. To the point where she went to a carenow off property. I wanted to accompany her, but she told me to go to EPCOT alone because she knows it’s my favorite park. I felt kinda guilty all day and ended up leaving the park early to be with my mom at night.

But let’s not sulk, and let’s follow me around EPCOT!

Ok, so first thing in the morning I woke up and left because I had a reservation at 1900 Park Faire at 7:15 and that’s one of my favorites.

on the bus to the magic kingdom so I can take the monorail to the Grand Floridian

I love the Grand Floridian. It’s so pretty and princessy and I just adore being there. One of the things on my bucket list is to stay at the Grand Floridian.

Once I got there I had a tough time finding 1900 Park Faire. I kinda walked around like an idiot until I finally found it. The staff seemed surprised that I was alone. I guy with cute broken english hit on me I think, it kinda freaked me out though.

It’s so soft and nice inside.

So to take these photos I set up my tripod on the table and used my shutter button. That’s why my hand is strategically out of frame. I really like these ones though, I must say I’m good at getting a flattering angle.

Where my mom should’ve been 😦

I really like the food there. They had more stuff than most of the breakfast buffets. I ate a lot. The Mad Hatter ate one of my lemons too.

Very exciting. I was scared the giant gingerbread house would be gone, but it wasn’t there were little character portraits over all the windows and they were wearing winter outfits! My favorite was Tiana, duh.

Did I mention I really like the Grand Floridian? I noodled around for about 40 minutes looking at all the decor. The pink and blue christmas decorations were very nice.

After this, I took the monorail to EPCOT.

At the EPCOT gates there were only like 3 people checking bags and it took like 30 minutes to get through the line.

Doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there though because it’s EPCOT!!!!

First on the agenda was The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

It’s a really cute ride and the line moved super fast.

After that I looked around in Mouse Gears, the huge gift shop and I found something I really, really liked.


It took a lot of restraint to not spend like 45 dollars on these dolls. I know I don’t need them.

I also found a very cute restroom that was very empty so I camwhored in it.

How could I refuse!? The tiles are all cute and primary colored.

Next, I decided to walk through the World Showcase. It’s my favorite part of all of Disney probably.

I also had reservations for Nine Dragons. I really like that restaurant (I know, unpopular opinion) because they have the best vegetarian/vegan options in my opinion. Most of the time our food at Disney is very boring or tastes like baking soda for some reason.

My waiter in Nine Dragons was so, so, painfully attractive. He looked like a combo of Huang Zitao and Jeon Jungkook. Like, I wanted to stay there forever and stare at him.

Also, they were playing erhu covers of christmas songs in the restaurant and it made me laugh. The “First Noel” cover was great though. I need to know where you buy erhu christmas carols.

I then left and looked around most of the World Showcase.

I spent like… an hour in the Mitsukoshi store in Japan.

The view of EPCOT from the Germany pavillion.

My mom asked me to find a wallet in the England Pavillion and it took me like 40 minutes of going into every store in the pavillion over and over until I finally found it in between some boxes of tea.

I sat in the little park area behind the England pavillion for a while and drank the ramune I bought in the Japan pavillion for like a half hour.

I had a fast pass for Spaceship Earth soon, so I booked it over there.

In line I was behind this family who had never ridden it before and they asked me to explain the ride and if it would scare their daughters who were like 4 and 6. I told them a basic synopsis of the ride and then had the pleasure of being around to hear the dad explain to the 4 year old how time works. It blew her mind.

I put the narration in the ride on Japanese. ALWAYS BE LEARNING.

I then decided to go to the land pavillion to ride Living with the Land. Aother favorite of mine.

There was like nobody there and i got a boat to myself. Hahaha, dorks 1 everybody else 0.

I also had some of the astounding lentil soup and the vegan curry at Sunshine Seasons for dinner after that. The lentil soup is like, the best, but the curry wasn’t my thing. It had mock meat in it an mock meat just freaks me out, honestly.

After that I made an attempt at riding Test Track. I waited for 30 minutes and then they made an announcement that the ride was having difficulties and they shut it down for the night 😦

I left after that.

It was quite dark, but it was only like 18:30.

I really like this photo.

I got my other half of my bambi topiary photos. I got Bambi in the morning and Thumper and Flower in the evening.

I then went back to the hotel to be with my mom. We watched project runway.

Thank you for reading!