milkgirlstore discount code!


I have my second ever discount code!

If you use the code dearmikah on the milkgirl website you’ll receive 10% off!!!


The website sells lots of super cute k-fashion in a multitude of styles from girly to sporty to goth-ish.

I really recommend their stuff it’s all super cute and they have stuff that fits people with larger frames (such as myself)!

please shop and use my discount code! ♡♡♡♡♡♡


my first promotional post!


yesterday i made my first deal with an independent artist.

i now have a discount code with the storenvy shop biscuitsxmonsters!

the artist makes dolls and accessories that are creepy-cute and i think the items are adorable.

please check out their store: biscuitsxmonsters

my discount code: dearmikah

my discount code gives you free shipping and right now there’s a sale going on so you should shop now! ♡♡♡