Drivers Ed

So I don’t talk about it a lot because it doesn’t matter but I don’t have my drivers license yet.

I’ll give you a quick rundown of what one has to do to get a drivers license above the age of 18 where I live.

  • take a required 6 hour class
  • take a driving test
  • get license

I think that’s a pretty short list.

In comparison, the teenagers have to take a class, have over 30 logged hours driving, have a drivers permit for 6 months, have very stringent restrictions on their license for a year, and then they can drive however they please.

So I took the first step to getting my license this past Saturday.

I took my 6 hour course and I’d like to tell you about it.

I came to the driving school at about 7:45 and sat waiting for the class to begin at 8:00.




The class did not begin at 8:00.

There were only 5 people in my class and 3 out of 5 of them were late.

So when they finally arrived, the class began.

My classmates consisted of a girl who moved here from New York (where they have worthwhile public transportation), a girl who has been driving illegally without a license for 3 years,  a 20-something DJ who had an affinity for staring at me, and a 60 year old man who recently moved here from Nigeria.

We’re like a group of rejected X-men.

So what actually happened in the class is pretty expected. We read the DMV drivers handbook and got lectured.

I would like to tell you about a video they made us watch, however.

I wish I remembered the title of it, but I’ll give you a synopsis.

Long, drawn out footage of dead bodies hanging out of cars with the reason they crashed written on screen.

That’s it.

Just gore and “eating a cheeseburger while driving”.

After doing some mundane studying and watching the aforementioned snuff film, we took 2 tests.

I got a perfect score on both of them so I was able to leave an hour early while the people who didn’t score as well were offered retakes.

I took a bit of time to camwhore in the bathroom which was shockingly nice.


do you see that in the background? it’s a holder for a scented candle. the candle was pine scented which made me super nauseous

Another great post, Mikah.

Thanks Mikah.

I hope the readers liked it just as much.

*both Mikahs look into the camera and laugh in a very sitcom manner*

*family matters laugh track*


Life Update: November 12th, 2018

I really need to stop trying to write posts soon before I need to leave for work.

Ok, so life update.

I haven’t really given much information about how things are going for me as of late so I feel a need to update everyone on what’s up.

The thing that most people would probably think is the biggest deal is likely that I got my college acceptance letter.

I’m gonna start college in mid-January.

I’m freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been doing some of the college prep stuff in my free time; you know: setting up my student ID, emailing people who told me to email them, planning for which orientation I want to go to, trying to get approved for a student credit card, etc.

In a related note, I started another journal (I know I have too many, I just can’t stop). This one I have dubbed my Lifestyle Journal. I basically have been using it to note my information I need for college stuff, planning daily schedules, writing motivational stuff so I can remember to put in effort, brainstorming steps to reach goals, and other stuff.

I have 40 minutes till I need to be clocked in at work. Ugh.

Peanut’s doing OK. She got a hip reduction procedure recently and I hope it’s going to take. I’m so scared that her hip will come back out. I’m trying to keep her drugged up and minimize the amount of physical exertion she partakes in.

I really like my bangs if you wanted a bangs update.

I’ll do an ED update soon but basically I’ve had really strong urges lately.

I haven’t been my productive self as of late. I’ve been in a pretty depressive state (could you tell by my lack of activity?) and I’m trying to pull myself out of it. I’m hoping this dark cloud on m life will clear up by December.

Oh! Speaking of December, I’ve been doing research on driver’s ed and I’m hoping to do my drivers ed stuff throughout December.

Well, I need to start leaving so I’m gonna finish of this entry.

Thanks for reading!

My Plan for Winter

It feels like this blog is just gonna become a compilation of me complaining about how I’m dissatisfied with my life.

I just want everything in my life to go well but it feels like that won’t be happening.


Let’s discuss the plan.

Yesterday I spent a while in an existential state of discomfort because I remembered that death is inevitable so at some point I’ll have to do something so I don’t die a nobody.

As I always do, I made a to do list.

The plan lasts over the course of the rest of 2018 and the entirety of 2019.

I won’t give out details because I keep my tricks secret, but I’ll tell you the plan for November.

Since my work schedule will be increasing in hours, I’m gonna probably lose sleep for the sake of this but essentially:

  • blog daily
  • post on instagram daily
  • follow my tumblr post schedule (that I set up in September and have yet to follow)
  • Stream on Twitch at least 4 times a week
  • promo promo promo
  • take as many photos as possible (even if it’s a photo of grass, blog posts with photos get more reads)
  • study 1 hour every day

I sang on Twitch yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised that people thought I was good at all. My next big purchase will be a sufficient microphone so that I can record higher quality audio of my voice because it turns out I’m not the least talented person on earth.

The ultimate dream is to make a career out of singing (my plan is basically to replicate Troye Sivan but not make Troye Sivan-esque music), so November is basically a month to try to build an audience to want to listen to me.

I don’t know if you’ve heard a lot about how Destiny’s Child trained, but I’ll give you a basic idea of it.

In the summer, Matthew Knowles would put the girls through “summer camp” where they would do things like jog while singing (to increase their lung capacity), dance for hours, diet (this one is only a rumor), and take long voice lessons.

I want to do a “summer camp” for myself.

I’ve decided my “summer camp” will be from November to the beginning of January.

I’m not only going to be putting a lot of effort into my planned endeavors, I’ll also be putting a lot of effort into things like the health of my hair and remembering to take vitamins, and pushing myself further in my stretches. Daily things that can build up, you know?

I’m gonna be better.

I’m gonna be the best at something.

I’m gonna sound like less of a crazy person. (that’s the comedic relief if you didn’t catch on)


I’ll keep you updated on my self improvement hopefully.

I have to go to work in 2 hours and I need to shower so I should do that now so my hair will be even the slightest bit dry by the time I’m at work, so I’ll leave you right now.

Organization for October

What’s up duderinos.

I feel an urge to post twice today because my first entry of the day was just photos, so…

Here’s some words.

I guess I’ll give an update on my life organization stuff since a lot of people are interested in that concept.

My Bullet Journal

I worked on my October setup in my bullet journal today and I kinda like how it’s coming along. I’ve been focusing more on aesthetics in my new bullet journal so I really try to embellish my monthly setups and my weekly spreads.

My October theme is of course halloween. I kinda wanted to do a fruit theme but I love my skeleton washi tape and I think it would be pretty tough to incorporate a skeleton into a watermelon themed weekly spread, you know?

If there’s one thing you may need to know about me in regards to my bullet journaling, it’s that I’m particularly mediocre at drawing so my doodles and hand drawn embellishments are pretty rough.

I’ve added a few new things to my monthly habit tracker at the expense of other habits that I just wasn’t benefiting from tracking. So now “study Swahili” is in the place of “fill up humidifier” and network” took the place of something I forgot that was in my old bullet journal. Networking to me is stuff like commenting and emailing other bloggers, taking part in facebook threads, and pitching guest posts if you were wondering.

My Traveler’s Notebook

I really think I’m benefiting from my foreign language journal in my TN, but I always forget to write in it! I maybe should have added that to my habit tracker, but I didn’t have anything else to remove. 😦 I also like having a dedicated diary. It makes my weekly spreads less cramped. My et cetera notebook has been given a purpose as a planning and goals notebook where I work on the small steps to reaching longer term goals.

I also added some cute stickers in my folder.

My Planner

It’s kinda nice to have a big, stratified planner. I like having it on my desk to release the concepts and timetables from my mind onto paper. I think it’s decreasing my stress to not have to remember everything.


Goals (hold me accountable)

I have a few goals for October I think are safe to release into the public so here’s a few:

  • post 6 youtube videos (aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA)
  • send in my college application before the priority deadline
  • write at least 20 entries in my diary
  • post all of my october bullet journal weekly spreads
  • reach 10 youtube subscribers
  • email 2 publications
  • take more pictures of Peanut and Poptart
  • do a good photoshoot for Maddie
  • save at least 30 dollars

The rest of my goals, I’ll keep private unless another goal comes to mind that I want to tell y’all.

So thanks for reading, maybe this gave you ideas for organizing and planning. I’ll try to make good on all of my goals and if you see me slacking, yell at me.

Travelers Notebook!

I got my first ever Travelers Notebook in the mail yesterday!

So excited!!!!

**✿❀ ❀✿**

I’ll just give a rundown of how I’ll be using it before I link to my TN setup video below.

I’ll be using one insert as a catchall creative space, one as a sketchbook, one to write a sentence in another language each day, one as a diary, and a folder insert to hold stickers!

I think I’ll probably add in an insert so I can take notes when I learn new things on the go.

here’s a link to my setup video!

Setup Video!

acne scars

check out this zit i have


yes. it is under my nostril.

it is causing me palpable pain and i really wanna pop it.

the problem is that whenever i’ve popped zits in the past i end up with gigantic dark acne scars. i really don’t need a scar right under my nose right now.

i’ve wanted to post about my acne scars for a while because i’m kinda proud of my progress in getting rid of them over the past roughly 4 months.

you’re gonna get to see some totally unedited photos of my forehead now just so you can see the change in my scars.

early june
literally taken at 15:00 today with the unflattering iphone flash WHILE I HAVE A TAN

my skin always looks terrible when i get tanner (one more good reason to avoid the sun) so me being tanned and having not so awful scars is impressive

my scars are by no means gone but i have made some leeway on getting rid of them.

so i might as well give you my tips since you’re reading, right?

  1. wash your face daily (no brainer but some people don’t do it and wonder why their skin is bad)
  2. exfoliate 2-3 times per week
  3. use “brightening” face masks after exfoliating at least once per week
  4. use a witch hazel toner after cleansing daily
  5. use a tone correcting moisturizer (i won’t reveal which one i use because it turns out it isn’t cruelty free  (*≧m≦*) )
  6. drink a metric fuckton of water (i drink 4 liters daily)
  7. take probiotics (i don’t know if this is actually causing a change in my skin but i started taking probiotics at the same time as beginning my skin journey)
  8. be vegan? i don’t know thats basically my diet summed up i kinda just eat whatever’s vegan


they’re pretty basic tips.

it makes me happy to see some progress with my acne scars because honestly i hate wearing foundation. it’s just so annoying to remove. i wanna be one of those girls that goes viral online for having “glass skin” and every day i’m getting closer. watch your back.




austin trip day 1

so, our family friend Karma took my mother and i on a trip to austin for her birthday!

so we began our road trip at 9:30 and arrived at about 14:00. on the way we made a few stops but the most notable one was a visit to bucees. if you haven’t heard of bucees it’s like a mix of a convenience store, a pier 1, a gas station, and a toy store. we spent about an hour there. i got a new shirt and some socks there and i’m very happy with them. (thanks Karma)

some standard central texas nothingness
outside austin (can you see the capitol building)
proof we went to bucees
a close up of my very very cute duffel bag stuffed to the brim with about 9 outfits for a 3 day trip

so when we arrived we dropped our things off at the air bnb (this is my first time staying at an airbnb) and then went to HEB to get groceries. i almost both had a panic attack and passed out from low blood sugar so to say it nicely i had a tough time in HEB. but who cares because i found a bottle of whataburger ketchup there and it was on sale.

after HEB we sat around in the airbnb for a while doing not much until we went to get a tarot card reading for my mom and karma.

my room
the cool ikea lamp in my room
living room (very texan)
upstairs sitting area
the little table upstairs
my ootd (mostly from amazon)

we then went to an italian food truck where i got some pesto pasta that turned out to be too spicy for my weak self. i could only eat about 30% of it before going on a mad dash for water.

fiery death pesto

sorry i didn’t post for two days i felt awful on monday and yesterday the photos wouldn’t upload

obligatory photo of me in my bucees shirt masking