the end of the week of vapidity

so i hope everyone enjoyed this past week of nothing blog posts.

i’m going to get back to making posts where i actually discuss my emotions and opinions so i hope during this week my audience has developed a way to cope with the fact that i won’t always be posting positive, happy, uncontroversial posts.

since these future posts won’t be as simple as this past week maybe i should give guidelines on how to interact with my posts.

  • don’t tell me i’m worthless in my comments
  • maybe just don’t comment in general because it seems like people are commenting things they could easily text or email me
  • read my posts, maybe? i don’t know but i think actually reading what i write would be helpful in forming opinions about it
  • look at my blog because there’s a really cool tab accessible at the top of my front page entitled “contact” where you can email me if you wanna tell me how you really feel
  • recommend my blog to others because i love new readers
  • take heed of the fact that i have a lot of other social medias in the sidebar of my blog that you can very easily follow me on


i’m still very weary of posting my actual thoughts on here because some of you really got to me with your rude comments, but i’ll be posting what i think anyway because my psychiatrist told me to.

if you haven’t caught on at this point, this blog is supposed to be an outlet for me so when i’m discouraged from expressing myself on here that’s really aggravating.

so whatever, posts from here on out will be my thoughts so if you really have such disdain for my thoughts please don’t read my blog.

here’s a picture of peanut’s fat tummy to make this post less vitriolic:



discouraged: intro to the week of vapidity

i don’t feel comfortable writing personal posts right now because of the backlash i’ve received for my last post. i think with my current mental state (sad, slightly suicidal, terrified of the future) i shouldn’t post anything to encourage the people in my life to respond negatively.

so i’m declaring this upcoming week the week of vapidity.

i won’t be posting any personal thoughts, opinions, or feelings on this platform so as to prevent negative comments, arguments, and preaching in response to my posts.

look forward to:

  • OOTDs
  • talking about animals
  • selfies
  • discussion of boy bands
  • no actual emotional substance

if you want anything of substance maybe avoid my blog for a while.

if you are actually interested in my life, too bad. i guess you’ll have to wait until everyone can realize that self aggrandizement is not encouraged on my blog.

while i’m here i’m going to thank my mom again for buying me my domain. thanks mom, i love you.

have a nice day.