another post about illness

I had to go back to carenow today because I spiked a fever around 6 am.

They were super accomodating and I got new stronger antibiotics so hopefully I’ll get better.

I’ll just talk about how I feel for the rest of this post, ok?


I’m nauseous and bloated from my antibiotics, my chest still hurts when I take deep breaths but not quite as much as it did on Monday, I have simultaneously no appetite and a ton of cravings, I occasionally cough up a lung (this is helped a lot by the cough syrup I was prescribed), I’m so tired.

So, yeah, I’m getting better so don’t worry about me.

Just wanted to update you.


a second post

This is another post where I’m just gonna ramble until I reach I stopping point.

I got a job yesterday! I’m not gonna reveal a ton of detail because I don’t want to reveal too much about my real life and I don’t want any harm to come to my job but I’m so excited!

Today’s my mom’s birthday too so I should probably say happy birthday to her here so…




I wanna start a travelers notebook so today I began my TN journey because at the craft store, TN inserts were $1.99 for 2! That’s so cheap!!!!

In my  travelers notebook I plan to have a sketchbook, notes, and distilled language notes so I can always have what I need. I really wanna improve my drawing skills so I think a sketchbook in the TN would help me be motivated to work on improving.

Hmm… what else to talk about…

oh, I don’t know if I talked about this before but I filled up my old bullet journal and I started a new one. I’ve decided that this bullet journal will be more artistic and more freeform rather than my boxy methodical style in my last bullet journal.

I changed up my habit tracker a little as well, adding a few new habits (network, wake up before 7:00) and now I fill in the boxes with diagonal lines rather than flat color.

I think today I should focus hard on studying so that I can be sure I’ve gotten in my time before I start my job. So excited!



Opinion: Giving Birth IS A Miracle

As usual, the inspiration for this entry was found in the cesspools of twitter. If you aren’t aware, ever since Beyonce discussed her complications in giving birth, an op-ed from The New York Post has appeared to have aged horribly. The author graciously named the op-ed “Having a baby isn’t a miracle and doesn’t make you a goddess”, and it circulated in early 2017 around when Beyonce performed at the Grammys.

I feel that it shouldn’t be a debate that the newly crowned fertility goddesses (Beyonce’s) birth story from the bloating, to the emergency c-section and toxicity does in fact sound like a miracle so I will not be focusing this critique around Beyonce, but rather the far reaching implications of shaming women for being proud of giving birth.

The general tone of the piece aside from being an asshole to Beyonce is that giving birth is not anything special because it is commonplace and wanting “worship” for the struggles of motherhood is undeserved. I just wanna say before I begin my rant that this is the article, read it if you’re a masochist, and I am not a mother nor do I have any plans for giving birth in the near future. Please don’t take this as me being emotional, I’m just here to defend mothers and tell people (in this case, the author) that they’re awful like I always do.

so, let’s criticize shall we?

1: “There are mothers who are struggling to get by– But these are not the mothers who give speeches about how they are lost”

This is in reference to Adele saying that she lost herself in motherhood, to which the author who I will refer to as Naomi from now on pompously dismissed any likelihood that Adele could perhaps… have a hard time.

I am the child of a mother who has struggled to get by and guess what… at times she complained! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Naomi who are you to say who has the right to say one negative thing about their lived experience?


2: “It’s not” a huge accomplishment to have a child

I don’t know if Naomi is a fan of statistics, but I’ll provide her with a few to show that having a child isn’t simply getting knocked up, pushing, and then feeding a leech.

As of 2015, the MMR was about 216 deaths per 100,000 live births. This may seem like an insignificant amount, but it truly isn’t seeing as it isn’t only high risk pregnancies that result in these deaths. Any complication during delivery can be potentially fatal. (courtesy of unicef)

The reported rate of clinical postpartum depression is between 10-20% of all live births. (postpartumdepression.org)

In 2016, the IMR was 5.9 out of 1000 live births in the US. (CDC)

I don’t feel a need to put out more stats because i have a suspicion that my audience agrees with me seeing as just about nobody aside from naomi is pompous enough to suggest that childbirth isn’t a huge accomplishment.

To end this post I’ll just answer the possible question of “why did you feel the need to write a post on a one and a half year old opinion piece from the New York Post of all places?”

Because I felt like it.

So thank you for reading this post, please follow my blog for more opinion and lifestyle posts! Love you! ♡♡♡

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life update

I think I’m gonna start capitalizing letters in my posts.

Crazy right?
This is a big change.

I also think I’d like to start making posts similar to Bong QiuQiu’s old Qweekly posts so i can give synopses of my week. Would that be interesting? I’d like my blog to have a little bit more structure so i think this could be a good idea.

So today, this is my first

A Week as Me


On Monday, July 30th, I focused on studying and I had my first study session of Intermediate Swahili. I uploaded a video of this study session to youtube as well. I also realized my 18th birthday was in less than a week, so I made my resolutions for my 18th year. See them in this post.


On Tuesday, July 31st, I made a post detailing my day that you can read here.


On Wednesday, August 1st, I felt awful and I kind of lazed around the whole day feeling sorry for myself. I also received a ton of messages on my tumblr and made the mistake of responding, spurring myself to disable messages.


On Thursday, August 2nd, I was having a bad joint day and it hurt terribly to move. I still went on a walk in the morning though. I cheered myself up via productivity and made a video of my Japanese study tips and studied for about an hour. I also changed my phone background for the first time in a year and a half.


On Friday, August 3rd, I felt really uninspired. I just didn’t feel a ton of motivation or interest in anything so i made a to do list that included arbitrary things like brushing my teeth so that I would be motivated by the checkboxes and would do something. This led me to have one of the best study sessions I’ve ever had.


On Saturday, August 4th, my mom and I went to the movies! We saw Christopher Robin and Hotel Transylvania 3. I wrote a post about the audience as well.


On Sunday, August 5th, it was my birthday! I know the birthday thing is overkill so I’ll stop writing about it for now.


Please comment and tel me if this is of any interest or how I can make it more interesting. I really care about your input.


i’m 18!

i’m officially 18 now.

i guess there’s some more stuff i can do now (i.e vote and drink in most countries) but i don’t feel any different. more people have wished me a happy birthday than i think ever have before, so thank you!

today my friend Angel took some photos of me for my birthday so here they are:


before we decided the backdrop is cuter


seriously, read it



it’s my birthday!

i’m getting old!!!!

i’m gonna officially be 18 at around 10pm.

i’m gonna do whatever i want today as a birthday present to myself.

so far i’ve started out my doing what i want by having some french toast sticks and i plan on doing more of what i want including having a nap soon.

this is just a kinda “woo! it’s my birthday!” post so there’s not a ton of substance.

thanks to the people who have been there for me for 18 years! love you!


rude moviegoers

today my mom and i went to the movie theater.

we saw two movies: Hotel Transylvania 3 and Christopher Robin.

both movies were delightful but in the theater where we saw christopher robin i was thoroughly upset by the group of kids around my age who were high, noisy, and overall rude.

they would talk at the screen, talk to each other, laugh during any quiet (noncomedic) moment, and didn’t stop even though i clearly heard the person next to them ask them to be quiet. and not to mention the dude in the row in front of me who was on his phone scrolling through FACEBOOK for at least 40% of the movie.

i’m not too awful of a prude, but this really pisses me off! and rightfully so! do you know how much it costs to see a movie? and how rarely i go to the movie theater?

everyone deserves to have a decent experience and to hear the damn dialogue!

so if you’re a not so considerate person reading this i’d like to lay out some ground rules for the next time you enter a theater.

  1. turn your phone off or leave the theater if you have to use it
  2. don’t get high before coming unless you’re seeing a bill and ted movie
  3. if someone asks you to be more polite, BE MORE POLITE
  4. the characters on screen are speaking to each other, not to you so don’t reply to them
  5. understand that not everyone has the money to see every new release so this may be special to them (for example me, for whom this was a birthday present) so maybe just don’t act up
  6. if a scene is quiet mimic the volume level

so there.

hopefully you may have learned a new trick to try at the movie theater next time you go or this confirmed your stance of “don’t be a d*ck”.

thank you for reading

-mikah ☆


a post

i’m just gonna ramble for a while and hopefully it’ll be interesting.

right now samoa and posh are fighting in the middle of the living room and about every 5 minutes i have to get up to get him to stop humping her. can’t wait to get him fixed.

marshmallow has really calmed down since getting fixed and hasn’t humped the cat even once since his procedure. he’s such a good dude. you wanna see a picture of me and marshmallow? here’s one:

i don’t know why i flared my nostrils in this picture

i just love all of my pets so much!!!!!

i wish everyone had the luxury of loving other beings the way i love my pets. it’s really special and it’s not a feeling i get from anyone else.

you know what’s a weird trend? adding the suffix -core to everything. i love angelcore aesthetics but i think we’re going too far with the core thing. there’s honeycore, lovecore, gardencore, cottagecore, etc etc. it’s really a big thing on tumblr (btw follow my tumblr).

i guess there’s a lot o weird trends though. i particularly dislike the in my feelings challenge just because it’s really an oversaturated market at this point and i think people are trying to keep it a thing even though it should be fading. all though that’s kinda what i’m doing right now by talking about it.

samoa and posh walk like humans on all fours and it’s sometimes a little unsettling. sorry just had to interject that in.

oh god, my birthday’s in 2 days!

that’s terrifying!

you guys won’t leave me as i age right?

yeah, you won’t.

hmm, what else to say…

i got a new wallpaper on my phone today! it’s my melody! she’s my favorite sanrio character.

sometimes i just wish i could buy the whole stationary section on the sanrio website.

today i didn’t eat a “real lunch” i just ate a bunch of hummus with pretzels but it’s ok i plan on eating”real dinner” tonight.

the hummus memes twitter account is my favorite one.

it feels like i talk about twitter a lot on her doesn’t it?

it’s because a lot happens on there, ya know?

my favorite thing to do on twitter is look up people and then a random year and read their old tweets haha. they’re always so terrible!

so.. i don’t know how to end this post…

☆☆☆ thanks for reading! please follow! ☆☆☆



if you’ve never met me in real life you may not know that i have “double joints” in my hips and knees.

today i sat with my legs crossed for about 40 minutes and my garbage knees were in so much pain.

back in february i had an episode where i hobbled for almost a month. why? my left hip popped out of its socket when i was asleep and stayed out for hours. i felt like an idiot walking on my toes because that was the only way my leg was comfortable.

i hadn’t had a problem like that since my knee hyperextended when i was about to be a freshman in high school and i hobbled for about 2 weeks then.

i really need to find something that can help with my joints and i’m scared i’ll have to start wearing  knee braces :(((((( they don’t make hip braces do they? oh my god what if i had to get a hip replacement when i’m like 30!?


that’s terrifying and i’m only making myself feel worse!

i’ll end the post before i send myself into a panic.

has anyone tried those cosequin supplements that supposedly help joints? do they work?

ok, love you bye.

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sad for no reason

i’m an emotional wreck right now.

i just feel so sad and i feel that pain you get when you regret something but i don’t regret anything that i know of.

maybe i’ll brainstorm and try to find a reason i’m so sad.

  • my pets are getting old
  • i think about death too much
  • i feel like i’m relapsing a little
  • i don’t feel accomplished enough for an 18 year old (4 days left of being 17)
  • there are so many things i want but i don’t know how to get them
  • i’m on my p*riod
  • i made the mistake of not closing my dms on tumblr and now i get a bunch of creepy messages (i closed them now so don’t try to message me)
  • i feel like i’ve literally done nothing today
  • i haven’t meditated in about 5 days

yeah… maybe it’s one of, some of, or all of those reasons.