These are all real questions I’ve received via email.

Tell me about your pets.

I have 6 pets. 2 french bulldogs named Posh and Samoa, a rabbit named Marshmallow, a cat named Maddie, and 2 Chihuahuas named Peanut and Poptart.

Do you really speak 7 languages?

I speak 7 languages but i don’t speak them all fluently. I speak English and Spanish fluently, Korean at a pretty advanced level, Mandarin and Russian at an intermediate level, and Japanese and Swahili at an upper beginner/lower intermediate level.

Why do you always talk about death threats?

Because i get a lot of them!

I have an ED can you help?

I can’t help you a lot but I’m pretty supportive so if you need support you can email me (dearmikah@gmail.com) but I suggest you seek professional help.

Can I give you money? 

If you’re a brand looking to sponsor me, my email is dearmikah@gmail.com but if you’re a stranger who wants to send me money on paypal I’d rather you don’t send me money. sorry.

Are you a catfish?

No, all the photos I claim are of me are really photos of me.

Can you read my blog?

Sure! Send me a link!