day in the life

Day in the Life: a day at the ER


today’s been eventful.

If you don’t follow me on instagram (@dearmikah) you may not have seen me post on my story that I was in the ER for a substantial amount of time today.

Don’t worry I’m not dying or anything but I do have pneumonia.

I thought today would be a good day for a day in the life post because I’ve had a pretty interesting time.

I should probably begin my discussion of my illness by mentioning that I started having pain in my sternum yesterday afternoon.

So, this morning I started my day with night sweats at 2:40. I just dealt with it.

When I finally woke up officially (I had a few moments of lucidity throughout the night) at about 8:20, I was doused in sweat and feeling god awful. My first instinct was to take my temperature with the thermometer I keep next to my bed.

My temperature was 101.

So I went to my mom and she immediately said “let’s go to carenow”. And so we went.

We arrived there at about 8:45 and I spent a few hours there where we did an xray, an ekg, and a few blood tests. My xray and ekg were normal so that was nice. When my blood tests came back, my white blood cell count was 20,000.


So the doctor at care now ordered for me to be taken to the ER. This was around 10:45.

I was triaged and all of the sudden I heard some scary words applied to me: sepsis alert.

great. I’m septic.

I was rushed over to an ER room where immediately (after peeing in a cup) there were about 6 people in the room poking me with needles and sticking stuff to me. By the time I had everything attached to me I had about 9 cords and tubes stuck to my body.

They took a ton of blood to do all sorts of tests with. They apparently take blood in bottles sometimes and it made me think of true blood. I hope some vampire somewhere had a nice beverage.

taken while sitting in the room

My mom and I then waited for a while while I received an IV drip of saline and antibiotics. After a few hours I was visited by the doctor again and guess what? atypical pneumonia.

So I was given more fluids before waiting for information about what my treatment will be.

Around then it was about 13:00 and I was super hungry. I didn’t eat breakfast before going to carenow because I thought we’d be out of there around 10:00 so I was dropping in blood sugar and I was just uncomfortable in general.

I should probably mention that my pain was about a 7 out of 10 right about now.

So I asked for pain meds and asked if I could eat. I got my drugs and had 3/4 of a cookie.

After a little longer, I got news that I would be discharged (15:00) and I get to take antibiotics at home!

We went to the pharmacy and got some real food and once at home I took a short nap…

Right now I’ve taken more pain meds and I’m in bed and honestly I don’t think I can eat anything or really even do anything for the rest of the night. I’m drained.

I’ll add in an edit if anything else happens.


not much to say

it feels like i don’t have anything to write about right now.

my blog is so jumbled and about everything yet i still have nothing to write about that i feel belongs on here.

i guess i’ll make a bulleted list because those always help me write something

  • i’ve been enjoying my walks a lot but i think there’s something wrong with my gait because my left shin always hurts half way through the walk
  • my middle splits have gotten deeper. i think it’s because i warm up better before stretching
  • i changed the way i do my eyeliner on my lower lashline. i leave a little space in the outer corner between my waterline and my eyeliner
  • the mint in our front yard is getting giant
  • i have an ameba account now if that matters to you (mikahvictoria)
  • i played the disney tsum tsum app for the first time in a few months this morning and i love it just as much as i always did (i got a moana tsum today!)
  • my mom and i are going on a trip to virginia to see her friend in less than a week
  • i’ve been craving falafel for like 3 weeks. it’s nice to get cravings. i kinda never did for a few years when my ed was worse
  • i think i’ve lost weight because i tried on my jeans a few days ago and they’re looser
  • marshallow got a new bowl that’s bigger and he seems happy to eat more
  • i accidentally ordered 10 bars of mango ice cream scented soap ( i thought it was 4 bars) but i’m happ because that just means it’s less money per bar
  • i have a new cursor on my blog. do you like it?
  • i really like the new habits i’ve added to my habit tracker. it makes filling in the squares less mundane.
  • my japanese skills have improved exponentially in just the past week since i’ve put more focus into the language
  • duolingo changed the way the spanish tree works so if i want to maintain my finished status i have to do like 15 lessons again
  • i have just a few more lessons until i’ve finished the korean, japanese, and swahili trees on duolingo
  • i changed my instagram bio (@dearmikah)
  • i’ve been getting more blog views from ukraine. hi ukraine!
  • i’ve been really insecure about my jaw line recently. i feel like it’s gotten a lot bigger over the years.
  • i’ve been understanding articles on naver better recently so i guess my reading comprehension in korean is improving
  • my dress should arrive between today and the 23rd. that’s a wide margin but it doesn’t matter because i’m so excited



is that good content?

i think that’s a good amount of stuff to write for a day.

here’s a picture of poptart sleeping

stickers added in line camera (he’s shy he doesn’t want you to see his ween)

the difference opening the blinds makes

i very rarely open the blinds in my bedroom but i did today.

i really like how having a bit more natural light in my room makes me feel and makes my belongings look.

i don’t think this will be a daily thing because i think on an average day where i live there is far too much sun for comfort but today is nice and cloudy so i’m happy to have the light.

peanut seems to like it too as she is laying facing the window.

everybody else in my room (maddie and poptart) seems a bit bemused. they’re under a chair.

here’s a picture of me and peanut


ED Recovery

ED recovery update #9

i really wanna relapse.

it’s so hard to feel good about yourself when you feel like you have no self control.i’m very aware of the fact that me eating at all is control oriented because if i really had no control i would starve.

i have one really good motivator for not relapsing though…

i don’t wanna lose my hair again.

fun fact about me: i have a few bald spots because my hair would fall out in clumps at the height of my ED.

right now i’m just focusing on eating anything 3 times a day. i think if i can get through this moment where my urges are strong i’ll be able to revert to my positive eating habits, so i’m kinda just waiting this out.

ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ


i’m working on a language learning tips post right now but it requires a lot of photos and thus a lot of photo editing.


language learning with mikah part 1

so i think i’m gonna change my major in college to linguistics because of my language learning skills (and i don’t believe i’m talented enough to be successful in music). i think i could maybe enjoy being a translator.

i’ve mentioned before that this summer i really wanna focus on my acquisition of languages and thus i think i should make a series on my blog about my study habits to keep myself accountable.

here’s my study log for the past week.

sunday, june 17th

i did a little practice for chinese stroke order for 20 minutes. didn’t do much else 😦

monday, june 18th

i took notes in korean for 30 minutes and reviewed japanese for 25 minutes.

tuesday, june 19th

i reviewed korean for an hour and then read through all of my russian notes.

wednesday, june 20th

i studied russian for 45 minutes and reviewed korean for 15 minutes.

thursday, june 21st

i reviewed swahili for an hour and a half and translated some korean tweets for about 35 minutes.

friday, june 22nd

i took korean notes for an hour and a half and practiced japanese spelling for about 30 minutes.

saturday, june 23rd

i practiced writing chinese for 30 minutes, reviewed japanese for 25 minutes, and studied korean for about 40 minutes.


if you’re interested in my language stuff, i’d be happy to write about my language study secrets if you request.



i got an ID today!

i can go on a plane now!

i spent about an hour and a half at the DMV today (far less than expected) and now i have a temporary ID.

my ID photo

i feel almost adult-adjacent right now.

i’m thinking (since i can get a job and stuff now) that maybe i want to go through training to be a massage therapist ever since i went to a spa for the first time a few days ago. i think i’d enjoy working in a spa and masseuses probably make a fine income in comparison to other jobs i’d be able to get in the near future.

so yeah since i did my makeup for the picture i took pictures of myself when i got home. here they are:






bat cruise

the bat cruise was sick.

when we got back to the airbnb for karmas nap i took that time to change into my dedicated bat outfit. we actually weren’t there for long because we had to leave in 45 minutes so i changed clothes and then ran around frantically like i tend to do before i leave to do anything.

there’s a cool blue bathroom in the airbnb that i had to camwhore in

when we got to the hotel where we were told to park we got starbucks and then waited in a line for the cruise for about 30 minutes. we were first in line for the cruise so we were able to choose any seat we wanted on any boat we wanted. we sat in the center of a small boat (with no bathroom).


we sat next to some australian people who were hilarious the whole time.

in the river cruise we got to see some graffiti and landmarks along the edge of the lady bird lake.

the congress bridge

once we finally went under the congress bridge the bats were all talking to eachother.

you can hear them in this video if you listen closely.

once we circled around to face the bridge, the bats started to fly out.


hopefully in these videos you’ll get a decent view of some bats.

so that was the bat cruise

it was really great and i highly recommend it to anyone visiting austin. this cruise was through capital cruises so if you want the same experience call them.

day in the life

austin trip day 2

hello again from austin. it’s very sunny here.

my room has wonderful lighting so i took a picture of myself the second i woke up because i’m self centered.


so yesterday i woke up at about 7 and i did the unthinkable. i showered. i knew we’d not be getting out until a long time from when i woke up so i just took the liberty of showering.

post-shower (and my abridged getting ready process) i kind of just waited to leave until we did at like 11.

this is what i wore and some gratuitous camwhore photos:


not my best eyeliner application


so the first thing we did for the day was a visit to the austin aquarium. it wasn’t the worlds most impressive aquarium but you can feed the animals so i was very pleased. here’s pictures:

blue macaw
a hawaiian eel
a very friendly ray i fed (rays are my favorite sea creature)


there was an adorable ray mural that i needed to photograph
more cute paint ray
my new friend who’s a tortoise
another macaw, this time red

we went to cornucopia popcorn on the way to our next visit and i got vegan caramel corn. i’m very excited because i haven’t had flavored popcorn in like 2 years.

next we walked down south congress and visited a few shops and ate at guero’s and got coffee (i got italian soda) at jo’s coffee. guero’s was pretty cool because they actually had more than one vegan option so i had to make a real decision on what to eat for once. i got 2 shirts at a boutique called maya that was having a sale. we also stopped in the impeccable pig (among other stores) and i fell in love with a dress and i really regret not buying it.


the guero’s menu
pictures of the staff in various years (and the fire extinguisher)
some decor at the bar
my other new friend who is a finch

then we went back to the airbnb because karma wanted to nap before we went on a boat ride to see the bat colony. i’ll be making a separate post about the bats later.

ED Recovery

ED Recovery Update #7

i’ve been having a lot of restrictive urges lately and i’ve been able to prevent myself from acting on them with something that used to encourage them:


for years (2012-2016) i used myfitnesspal as a restriction tool, i would follow the plan where you’re allotted 1200 calories each day and i’d always aim for under 1200. nowadays i’ve been using myfitnesspal to make sure i eat at least 1700 calories every day.

on the exercise front, i’ve gotten into taking walks. i take a walk about every other morning around my neighborhood because i’ve heard that exercise and being outdoors are helpful for depression. there’s a group of middle age women who i see walking every time i go for a walk and i wanna join them because i think it would be sick to have a group of middle age lady friends.

i’m really trying to suppress my urges to try to lose weight right now because i know it’s a bad idea for me to diet but it’s tough.

here’s a picture of peanut



marshmallows trip to the vet

mel had a terrible day today 😦

upon first seeing me he was bemused to find that i was trimming his nails (because i don’t want the vet to think i’m negligent).

i let him out of his hutch so he could have a decent time before being thrust into the awfulness for him that is the vet.

marshmallows hutch

he hung out in the kitchen until it was time for me to stuff him in his travel crate.

once inside i quickly put him in the back of the car. and we started a 15 minute drive to the vet that probably felt like 15 hours for mel.

mel on the way

when we arrived to the vet, mel made a new nemesis in the form of the resident vet cat (why does every veterinarian’s office have a loose cat?) who seemed to receive a lot of joy from laying on top of marshmallows carrier.

vet cat

we were taken to the exam room and marshmallow seemed to begin to grasp the weight of the situation. he thrashed like crazy when the vet tech took him from his carrier and weighed him (it turns out he’s only 12 pounds). when she returned from weighing him she was absolutely covered in his fur. marshmallow gave sitting on the exam table a hard pass so he was allowed to walk around on the floor of the exam room.\

mel on the floor
cleaning his face

when the vet came in and began his exam there was quite a bit of kicking thrashing and shaking. marshmallow had:

  • wax removed from his ears
  • his nails trimmed again
  • some more shed hair removed
  • a tooth exam
  • an eye exam

the vet thinks that mel might actually not be blind in his right eye and he’s just got inflammation. he was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and was given an ointment for his eyes.

just to brag i wanna tell you that the vet told me that marshmallow has beautiful teeth and i’m doing a great job taking care of him.

mel seemed almost enthused to get in the carrier because i think he was sick of getting touched.

mel on the way home

now we’re at home and mel seems to be fine.

**photos edited in camera360