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I’m A Walking Fever Dream

Welp. I have a fever. I think I’ve written a post while I had a fever before, right? Who am I kidding, none of you would be able to recall something so specific. I have a morbid fascination with fevers and illness in general. I think it’s because I used to hang out at the…

ugh another fever

so because i’m a great blogger, i’ve been taking a picture of my thermometer every time i measure my temperature (also to text to my mom) so you know i’m not lying when i complain about how i feel. so at about 1:30 i had this temperature: i fell back asleep after taking it because…

guess who has a fever

i’m feeling just wonderful can barely piss, got full body pain, and now i have a fever of 101.1 i’m gonna go to carenow soon so i’ll update you once i’m back. daily lifediaryfevermepersonalsick