I’m A Walking Fever Dream


I have a fever.

I think I’ve written a post while I had a fever before, right?

Who am I kidding, none of you would be able to recall something so specific.

I have a morbid fascination with fevers and illness in general.

I think it’s because I used to hang out at the hospital a lot when I was a little kid. For a while when my mom worked nights and I was too young to be alone, she would find an empty hospital room and I’d sleep at the hospital then she’d drop me off at school the next morning. I always really liked the hospital. I like how the beds are adjustable, and the color of the lights, and that the bathroom was connected to the room, and how hospitals smell. I don’t know how to explain the hospital scent. It’s just nice I guess.

I still really like visiting the hospital when my mom has to do some sort of errand up there.

I like to look at those “medicalcore” pictures on tumblr quite a bit. In fact I’m pretty sure my most popular post on tumblr is a picture of the wall in the ER room I stayed in when I got pneumonia. I still get a handful of likes on it every week and it’s over 4 months old.

It’s cool to have a log of your thoughts that you can go back to whenever you feel like it. Sometimes I’ll be feeling/doing something and the first thing that comes to mind is how great of a blog post this could be.

That’s what led to me writing right now.

I feel completely delirious, and I can imagine that anything I write right now could potentially be entertaining.

I always describe things as “feeling like a fever dream” and right now, my existence feels like a fever dream.

I think I may have more than an infection. I never get fevers when I have a sinus infection.

Whatever, hopefully the antibiotics take care of it.




I just thought of this gif I saved.

Take a look at it.


God, my sense of humor is ridiculous.

I’m gonna end this entry now.


ugh another fever

so because i’m a great blogger, i’ve been taking a picture of my thermometer every time i measure my temperature (also to text to my mom) so you know i’m not lying when i complain about how i feel.

so at about 1:30 i had this temperature:


i fell back asleep after taking it because i’m irresponsible so once i woke up again at 3:20 my temperature was this:


so i took some tylenol and it went down for a pretty long time but then at about 10:30 this was my temperature:


so… i don’t know what else to talk about right now other than how awful i feel.

i’m both shivering cold and burning hot, my skin is itchy, i’m nauseous, i just generally feel terrible. and to make things worse, i feel lazy for not wanting to do anything because of my fever. i know it’s important to rest when you feel awful but i feel bad about it. 😦

i’m gonna take a nap while the tylenol i just took kicks in, so bye.