My bones are not happy with me.

I’ve always had a tough time with my bones. I have to wake up in the middle of the night to change positions so my hips don’t get sore, my joints pop and crack, I’ll often find myself having to do things differently so I won’t feel a grinding sensation in my wrists. It’s kind of a life time situation.

But as of lately it’s been pretty intense. My neck has been in actual pain (not just discomfort) for probably 2 months and my hips have been completely stiff.

I hate it!!!!

I’m gonna try to fix it so maybe I’ll tell you if I find something that helps.

Another short, meaningless post out! Thatnks for reading!



if you’ve never met me in real life you may not know that i have “double joints” in my hips and knees.

today i sat with my legs crossed for about 40 minutes and my garbage knees were in so much pain.

back in february i had an episode where i hobbled for almost a month. why? my left hip popped out of its socket when i was asleep and stayed out for hours. i felt like an idiot walking on my toes because that was the only way my leg was comfortable.

i hadn’t had a problem like that since my knee hyperextended when i was about to be a freshman in high school and i hobbled for about 2 weeks then.

i really need to find something that can help with my joints and i’m scared i’ll have to start wearing  knee braces :(((((( they don’t make hip braces do they? oh my god what if i had to get a hip replacement when i’m like 30!?


that’s terrifying and i’m only making myself feel worse!

i’ll end the post before i send myself into a panic.

has anyone tried those cosequin supplements that supposedly help joints? do they work?

ok, love you bye.

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