a second post

This is another post where I’m just gonna ramble until I reach I stopping point.

I got a job yesterday! I’m not gonna reveal a ton of detail because I don’t want to reveal too much about my real life and I don’t want any harm to come to my job but I’m so excited!

Today’s my mom’s birthday too so I should probably say happy birthday to her here so…




I wanna start a travelers notebook so today I began my TN journey because at the craft store, TN inserts were $1.99 for 2! That’s so cheap!!!!

In my  travelers notebook I plan to have a sketchbook, notes, and distilled language notes so I can always have what I need. I really wanna improve my drawing skills so I think a sketchbook in the TN would help me be motivated to work on improving.

Hmm… what else to talk about…

oh, I don’t know if I talked about this before but I filled up my old bullet journal and I started a new one. I’ve decided that this bullet journal will be more artistic and more freeform rather than my boxy methodical style in my last bullet journal.

I changed up my habit tracker a little as well, adding a few new habits (network, wake up before 7:00) and now I fill in the boxes with diagonal lines rather than flat color.

I think today I should focus hard on studying so that I can be sure I’ve gotten in my time before I start my job. So excited!


day in the life

Day in the Life: August 8th, 2018

Today my day began at midnight. I suppose everybody’s day begins at midnight but mine began with my mom calling me to her room.

She found a bunch of things in a box including my favorite toy from when I was little. A purple penguin bath toy.


I wish I could remember the name I gave him, but I can’t.

After reminiscing with my mom for a while I eventually went to my bed and fell asleep at 1AM.

When I woke up at 8, I felt that today would be a productive day so after a few minutes of waking up I put on my exercise gear and spent a few minutes on the exercise bike to warm up for my daily stretches.

I got in a very satisfying stretch and I did a pretty good meditation session.
By that time it was time for breakfast and I decided I would take today to perfect my vegan french toast recipe.

I’ve finally created a good and easy french toast recipe and I’ll be posting it tomorrow!

I ate my astounding breakfast (if i do say so myself) and then went to the desk to study.

I studied Korean and Mandarin for about an hour total and then i started to get ready to go out of town to see my psychiatrist.

I got ready early so that I would have time to take pictures of myself:


she no want my kiss 😦


I then went to the psychiatrist (1 hour drive each way and a 1 hour appointment, 3 hour ordeal).

I plan on eating dinner in an hour and a half and I’m probably gonna study/journal until then.

Now i’m writing this post… pretty boring day when I write it out.

It felt like more when it happened.

I think I’ll post my stretching routine and some meditation tips some time soon, I think I’ve got something to say on those topics.



i’m 18!

i’m officially 18 now.

i guess there’s some more stuff i can do now (i.e vote and drink in most countries) but i don’t feel any different. more people have wished me a happy birthday than i think ever have before, so thank you!

today my friend Angel took some photos of me for my birthday so here they are:


before we decided the backdrop is cuter


seriously, read it



a post

i’m just gonna ramble for a while and hopefully it’ll be interesting.

right now samoa and posh are fighting in the middle of the living room and about every 5 minutes i have to get up to get him to stop humping her. can’t wait to get him fixed.

marshmallow has really calmed down since getting fixed and hasn’t humped the cat even once since his procedure. he’s such a good dude. you wanna see a picture of me and marshmallow? here’s one:

i don’t know why i flared my nostrils in this picture

i just love all of my pets so much!!!!!

i wish everyone had the luxury of loving other beings the way i love my pets. it’s really special and it’s not a feeling i get from anyone else.

you know what’s a weird trend? adding the suffix -core to everything. i love angelcore aesthetics but i think we’re going too far with the core thing. there’s honeycore, lovecore, gardencore, cottagecore, etc etc. it’s really a big thing on tumblr (btw follow my tumblr).

i guess there’s a lot o weird trends though. i particularly dislike the in my feelings challenge just because it’s really an oversaturated market at this point and i think people are trying to keep it a thing even though it should be fading. all though that’s kinda what i’m doing right now by talking about it.

samoa and posh walk like humans on all fours and it’s sometimes a little unsettling. sorry just had to interject that in.

oh god, my birthday’s in 2 days!

that’s terrifying!

you guys won’t leave me as i age right?

yeah, you won’t.

hmm, what else to say…

i got a new wallpaper on my phone today! it’s my melody! she’s my favorite sanrio character.

sometimes i just wish i could buy the whole stationary section on the sanrio website.

today i didn’t eat a “real lunch” i just ate a bunch of hummus with pretzels but it’s ok i plan on eating”real dinner” tonight.

the hummus memes twitter account is my favorite one.

it feels like i talk about twitter a lot on her doesn’t it?

it’s because a lot happens on there, ya know?

my favorite thing to do on twitter is look up people and then a random year and read their old tweets haha. they’re always so terrible!

so.. i don’t know how to end this post…

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if you’ve never met me in real life you may not know that i have “double joints” in my hips and knees.

today i sat with my legs crossed for about 40 minutes and my garbage knees were in so much pain.

back in february i had an episode where i hobbled for almost a month. why? my left hip popped out of its socket when i was asleep and stayed out for hours. i felt like an idiot walking on my toes because that was the only way my leg was comfortable.

i hadn’t had a problem like that since my knee hyperextended when i was about to be a freshman in high school and i hobbled for about 2 weeks then.

i really need to find something that can help with my joints and i’m scared i’ll have to start wearing  knee braces :(((((( they don’t make hip braces do they? oh my god what if i had to get a hip replacement when i’m like 30!?


that’s terrifying and i’m only making myself feel worse!

i’ll end the post before i send myself into a panic.

has anyone tried those cosequin supplements that supposedly help joints? do they work?

ok, love you bye.

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day in the life July 31st, 2018

你好, 我的名字是 Mikah.

i don’t know why i felt the need to introduce myself in mandarin, but i did it.

i feel like i’m stagnating as far as stuff to right about goes so i guess i’ll tell you how my day went.

i woke up at 5:30 much to my chagrin and since it was so close to 6:30 (when i try to wake up) i decided i’d just stay up. i watched a few reviews on the casio tr mini which i really wanna buy. and then i listened to some music. i’ve been listening to into the new world by snsd a lot lately, it’s such a good song i really recommend it if you somehow haven’t heard it before.

suddenly it was 6:45 so i got up and started preparing for my morning walk. i checked on the animals, put on my outfit & sunscreen and then i went on my walk. i cut my walk short because my hips have been really irritated recently and i started to hurt around 35 minutes into walking so i went back home.

once i got home i stretched since i was well warmed up and then i started studying. i studied mandarin and japanese for about 2 hours. i filmed some of it but i didn’t realize until after filming that my camera didn’t film where my paper was and rather filmed my desk the whole time. big mad.

then i had breakfast: oatmeal with peanut butter.

i moved to the living room where i lived for a while. i read a few of qiu qiu’s old blog posts (i recommend reading qiu qiu’s blog if you never have) and then i did something kind of embarrassing.

i put on makeup just to take pictures of myself.

the pictures i took turned out wonderful though. here’s one:


i then removed my makeup and ate lunch.

my lunch was late, around 15:00, so now i’m not very hungry for dinner.

i got a new chinese book in the mail (thanks mom) and now i’ve moved once again to my bed where i’m writing this…

i’m probably gonna have rice and avocado for dinner because i don’t feel up to making anything fancy.

i’ll add an edit if anything interesting happens.



almost 18

my 18th birthday is in less than a week…

i’m not excited.

i’m terrified in fact.

i’ll be officially an adult and once that hits me i’m gonna feel even less accomplished.

for my whole life i’ve felt like i’m super behind everyone else because i was late to the game as far as fashion, social skills, relationships, etc. so now i have a new milestone to say “well i’m an adult and i still haven’t done this” so my self esteem is definitely gonna take a blow on my 18th birthday.

i’ve never been a super happy person on my birthdays because it’s almost always less of an exciting thing for me and more of a reminder that i’m gonna die someday and thus mildly horrifying.

i suppose since this post and my general philosophy are so negative i’ll make some resolutions for my 18th year. i’ve never done new years resolutions but i’ve always silently had goals that i want to reach by a certain age. so before i’m 19…

  • i’ll write 25 songs
  • i’ll improve each language skill by at least one level (i.e beginner to intermediate)
  • i’ll get my blog to 500 wordpress followers
  • i’ll get better at photography.
  • i’ll try to post 1 video per week
  • i’ll lighten my acne scars even more
  • i’ll find a good voice lesson teacher
  • i’ll keep myself from relapsing
  • i’ll remember to take my meds/vitamins daily
  • i’ll reach 700 tumblr followers
  • i’ll always be hydrated
  • i’ll try to minimize the times i break my nails
  • i’ll make 5 new friends

here’s a picture of me before you leave

edited in meitu with stickers added in line camera

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i really appreciate my readers ♡


it’s so hard to find a good personal blog

when i started my relationship with the internet, it was so easy to find people blogging about their day to day life, opinions, and interests.

nowadays it feels like every blog is carefully crafted to offer articles on a specific topic with well manicured graphics and list formatted tips.

this is not what i love about blogs.

i like to be a fly on the wall and feel like i’m making a connection with the person whose blog i’m reading (that’s why i like foxxy fay’s blog so much). it was as though every interesting person was making content online pertaining to their interestingness.

it’s the same with youtube, now almost everyone makes videos that are high definition with nice backgrounds and no missteps in speech.

now, i’m not usually one to spout “get back to the good old days” rhetoric but there is a very vocal part of me that wants to get back to the good old days of blogging when everything felt more personal.

so i guess i’ll end this post with a call to action:

if you’re a blogger maybe make a personal post and send me a link to it or if you don’t do personal blog posts whatsoever and you know a good personal blog send me a link to that.

you don’t even have to send me a link if you don’t want to but i do want to encourage others to make more personal blog posts because i swear there are people out there who want to get to know you.


diet soda

i’ve recently developed a mild obsession with diet pepsi. it began when i accidentally got a cup of diet pepsi instead of regular pepsi and there were a lot of people around so i didn’t wanna pour it out and look like an asshole. so i put in some of the vanilla flavor mixer and guess what?

i’ve never tasted anything better.

i’ve never been a huge soda drinker but ever since i tried diet pepsi i’ve wanted one basically every day for about a month.

there’s a very interesting vitriol directed toward diet soda by the body positive community because you should eat intuitively and just enjoy what you want.

i am not a big supporter of this stance in a holistic way.

as a person who has gone through and is still working on eating disorder recovery i’ve heard “all food is good food” “eat intuitively” and “all food fits” quite a bit.

i feel like i should give my stance on the idea of specifically “all food is good food” for a bit because i find it to be the worlds most annoying statement.

warning: vegan preaching and discussions of eating disorders ahead

in my time having an eating disorder i have had 2 philosophies toward food: 1) it’s not the individual foods that are scary, it’s the calories 2) certain foods will make me fat and sick.

you’d think having had these two different experiences would put me in a place to support intuitive eating and “all food is good food”.

i however have 2 criticisms.

1: this implies that all foods have the same ethical/moral weight

2: eating intuitively looks different for different people and for certain people (such as myself) eating intuitively would mean not eating while for others it could mean overeating by a margin of 3000 calories

lets expand, shall we

not all foods have the same ethical weight. this is where i talk veganism by the way. i don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but paying for the killing of a sentient being for food and paying for the harvesting of grain are 2 actions with different moral weight. before i get comments about how animals are inevitably killed in the food harvesting process, i know. far fewer animals die in this way than die in slaughterhouses however and our goal as empathetic beings should be to minimize suffering.

i’m not one to shame the eating patterns of others (by eating pattern i mean frequency and quantity) but it is important when you tell people to eat what they want to do so in a rational manner. to give an anecdote, i absolutely hate the experience of eating. it’s uncomfortable, i feel sad when i do it, and very few things taste good enough to make up for my hatred of the texture of chewed up food in my mouth. if i were to eat how i want, i wouldn’t. (i know that’s the ed talking probably)

i get that when people say these food positive statements they’re trying to dismantle the concept of good and bad foods. this could be ok if looked at with more nuance than can be given when critical analysis is reduced to feel good quotes that can be plastered on tshirts and in instagram bios.

maybe we should put more emphasis onto extended analysis of structures in place rather than trying to make statements that look good on an enamel pin.

just my 2 cents though.


virginia trip day 7

this is the day i left.

in the morning we went on a dolphin boat tour.


we were surprised to learn that the boat ride was supposed to be a “thrilling” ride so we took motion sickness pills and then got on. it should’ve alerted us that it would be fast and “thrilling” when we saw the name “OC Rocket”.

i expected to maybe see 3 dolphins but i think we saw at least 8!


there were even babies out ♡♡♡

after going on the boat i was drenched since i sat on the edge so i rinsed off and then we drove 3 hours from ocean city back to virginia.

there we had one last meal at CAVA and then took off for the airport.

i studied at the terminal and then we took the plane ride home. i did some japanese and mandarin study on the plane and watched John Mulaneys “Kid Gorgeous at Radio City”. i pissed off the girl sitting in front of me with my laughing.

we got home at about 11:30.

i wish i could show you how happy my pets were to see me but i don’t wanna film moments like that. the best part of going on vacation is coming back and seeing your pets.

that was too sappy. yawn.

stupid post coming soon.