Late Christmas Entry

I wish I wrote a Christmas post, but honestly I didn’t feel good enough to do anything yesterday.

I just got back home from the doctors office and I have a sinus infection, a respiratory infection, and costochondritis!

woo hoo!

Love that for me!

I guess since I’m not supposed to go to work and I have the day to myself, I’ll write an all encompassing Christmas post.

I’m Back Home

So as you may have noticed, I was out of town with my dad’s section of the family for a few days.

I’m home now.

It was nice meeting everyone.

I expected there to be a lot of arguing, because that’s what I’ve seem happen on TV whenever a bunch of related people see each other around Christmas. That didn’t happen, so that was cool.

I don’t have much to say.

Christmas Day

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but every Christmas day my mom and I go to the movie theater and see a movie.

This year we saw Mary Poppins Returns and Vice.

It was probably irresponsible for us to go to the movie theater when I’m sick, but… No turning back now I guess.

Mary Poppins was amazing!

The second animation sequence was so astounding, it makes me sad that I’ll probably never see something so cool again. I think not only did they do the original Mary Poppins justice, this movie (in my opinion) is as good as the original.

And Vice was amazing too!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie where I wasn’t bored for even a single second, but Vice did that.

I don’t think people who aren’t interested in politics would like Vice though.

Also, I got to see the Us trailer for the first time in a theater. That’s so cool!

When we left the theater and I looked on twitter everyone was talking about it and I felt so special having seen it on a big screen the first time.

Weird aside, but have you noticed a few people online talking about how rabbits scare them in response to the Us trailer? That’s so weak. They’re rabbits….

It’s like how people are just mortified by rats… like… why?

Maybe I’m just too in tune with animals to be scared.

I’m just too Pocahontas-y.



There’s gonna be some interesting posts on my blog coming up…

(i’m not pregnant don’t worry)

My mom and I are going to Disney World!

We’ve been planning this for a long time and I’m super excited!!

I’m gonna do everything in my power to take as many pictures as I can and put them all up on my blog quickly!

So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that’s about it…

I may write on here again today, who knows.

I’ll see you all later though.


rude moviegoers

today my mom and i went to the movie theater.

we saw two movies: Hotel Transylvania 3 and Christopher Robin.

both movies were delightful but in the theater where we saw christopher robin i was thoroughly upset by the group of kids around my age who were high, noisy, and overall rude.

they would talk at the screen, talk to each other, laugh during any quiet (noncomedic) moment, and didn’t stop even though i clearly heard the person next to them ask them to be quiet. and not to mention the dude in the row in front of me who was on his phone scrolling through FACEBOOK for at least 40% of the movie.

i’m not too awful of a prude, but this really pisses me off! and rightfully so! do you know how much it costs to see a movie? and how rarely i go to the movie theater?

everyone deserves to have a decent experience and to hear the damn dialogue!

so if you’re a not so considerate person reading this i’d like to lay out some ground rules for the next time you enter a theater.

  1. turn your phone off or leave the theater if you have to use it
  2. don’t get high before coming unless you’re seeing a bill and ted movie
  3. if someone asks you to be more polite, BE MORE POLITE
  4. the characters on screen are speaking to each other, not to you so don’t reply to them
  5. understand that not everyone has the money to see every new release so this may be special to them (for example me, for whom this was a birthday present) so maybe just don’t act up
  6. if a scene is quiet mimic the volume level

so there.

hopefully you may have learned a new trick to try at the movie theater next time you go or this confirmed your stance of “don’t be a d*ck”.

thank you for reading

-mikah ☆