It’s Valentine’s Day!


Today’s my favorite holiday and I’m quite enthusiastic.

I have always had a tough time with holidays because I’ve never celebrated them the way I felt was “normal”, but as I get older I’ve come to realize that (a) there is no normal way to celebrate and (b) a lot of the ways of celebrating that I’ve deemed normal would be quite unenjoyable for me. I don’t think I’d want to go to a big mass on Easter (I’m good with my pastel excitement), I don’t do scary stuff so I wouldn’t want to do that on Halloween, Thanksgiving seems like an emotional bloodbath, etc.

The one holiday that I can totally get down with is Valentines Day.

It’s such a good sentiment, I like the aesthetics, It’s not too marred by traditions, and I got Peanut and Poptart on Valentines Day (10 years ago!!!).

So… I did what I normally do when I feel good… Take pictures!

Here they are:

sparkles added in line camera

woohoo! best day of the year! (not content wise, just date wise ya know?)

Ok, that’s all I needed to mention.

Thanks for reading!


Making Faces

*warning: gif ahead*

I have I bit of a bad habit in that I make pretty much the same face in every photo.

I really enjoy taking pictures of myself and being photographed, so I’m trying to initiate a change in that habit.

So to start, the other night I did “face practice” for about 40 minutes.

Here’s the photos:

smiling like a first grader, i know it’s unattractive.

+ a few of my regular face for posterity.

*tip so that this post has even the slightest bit of purpose*

in google photos, you can make gifs like this where it’ll rotate through your photos. you can use up to 20 pictures too. i found this out today and i’m gonna abuse it. 🙂

thanks for looking at my face!