Liveblogging the 2019 Grammys

*Disclaimer: if you don’t like BTS this may not be the post for you, because I’m really only interested in BTS, Gaga, Janelle Monae, Dolly, and Cardi B.*

  • It took me over 40 minutes to find my remote to the TV…
  • Ok, this is gonna be a long night. The red carpet and preshow are 3 hours :/
  • oop. Tierra Whack is here? I love her!?
  • *filler*
  • BTS have arrived.
  • I have started crying.
  • Wow they have RM in glasses… We’ve won, everyone.
  • Now we search twitter for the other red carpet interviews…
  • oh, BTS lost in their category, it’s ok at least they lost to St Vincent. (my 2nd choice)
  • *filler* (btw I’m not saying the people are filler, I’m just putting these in to show a progression of time)
  • DOLLY!!!! I forgot Dolly Parton was coming. God I love her. There are very few people who are as inspiring to me as she is. And she’s still kickin it in the red dress!!
  • Cardi just got out of the car, guys. She looks gorgeous as always.
  • Oh my god they’re interviewing Lady Gaga. She looks so good!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • They keep showing promos for how they’re gonna show La La Land on E……. Gonna have to skip that………..
  • Can I sound dumb for a second? Who is Shawn Mendes? I hear people talk about him and he’s being interviewed right now but…. I’ve never seen a photo of him before and I don’t think I’ve ever heard his music…………… :/
  • Oh god. Joy Villa’s here. Why do they invite her? She’s dressed up as the border wall and has “build the wall” painted on her *ss…………. yikes
  • Yo what? They just showed a guy that looks just like Shawn Mendes and said he’s Charlie Puth? Is there a technical issue or am I just blind? (don’t take my person differentiation seriously though, I can’t tell Hugh Jackman and Robert Downy Junior apart apparently. THEY HAVE THE SAME FACE!!!)
  • I just saw Cardi’s full outfit and I audibly gasped!!!!! Say what you want, but she can turn a look!!!!!!!!
  • And Janelle Monae is turning a look too? I’m not gonna make it.
  • The show just started.
  • They have C****** C****** opening the show? K….
  • Well… the camera work is great.
  • Lele Pons is up there?
  • Well, J Balvin’s doing Mi Gente. A good song. Wish Beyonce could perform her verse…… But we don’t get nice things. Although I don’t know if I’d want Beyonce associated with this opening………..
  • Haha, you wanna hear a funny story? Back when they did the 52nd grammys I thought the said 50 second grammys and I was like “why are they so short?”
  • *gasp* MICHELLE OBAMA!?
  • Jesus Christ Lady Gaga is radiant.
  • They need to warn you when they’re gonna cut to BTS. I just saw Jungkook and screeched.
  • If they cut to Yoongi I’m gonna scream.
  • OK. Shawn Mendes is performing. He’s good.
  • Wait.
  • He looks like a MAGCON boy.
  • I googled it and oh my god, my mind. He was a MAGCON boy!!! Well he moved up, huh? Poor guy had to be around Nash Grier 😦
  • MILEY!?
  • I know this is controversial, but I think Miley Cyrus will be considered a legend in the very near future.
  • Please please please give Gaga everything she’s nominated for.
  • Boom.
  • It’s what she deserves. (best pop duo/group performance)
  • Did you know that we stan forever? Just wanted to make sure you know.
  • Ok. Miss Musgraves came to play with the big kids. I can respect a gentle ballad.
  • Lady Gaga’s goin through it. I think she’s gonna cry all night.
  • YES! YES! Janelle Monae!
  • Sorry, I had to just watch.
  • I adore her.
  • Song of the Year: This is America
  • ok
  • not mad, not happy. neutral.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers and Post Malone?
  • This will probably be genuinely good.
  • It sucks that people always make fun of Post Malone for his looks. I like him quite a bit. I don’t think he’s bad looking either.
  • He’s a good singer.
  • And we have a contender for the best performance of the night.
  • That was great!
  • Oh man.
  • Dolly Parton’s about to perform!!!!!!
  • Katy Perry’s going all out, huh?
  • *audible gasp*
  • C’MON WHITE DRESS!!!!!!!!
  • YES!
  • Jolene, the best country song ever made.
  • J-hope dancing to Dolly Parton is all I ever needed.
  • I’ve started to cry again.
  • love an icon
  • H.E.R is up next
  • Honestly I’ve heard I think 2 of her songs
  • Solid.
  • CARDI!!!!!!!
  • wow. opulence.
  • I love this song, man. (Money) and god she’s hot
  • jeez Offset just made a total creeper face
  • I love Cardi
  • wow, Alicia Keys playing 2 pianos. sickening
  • I forget the name of the guys performing… they’re good though
  • Best Rap Song: God’s Plan
  • sure
  • wonderful speech
  • miss Diana Ross is still astounding at 75 years of age
  • It’s Gaga’s time.
  • I just can’t explain my love.
  • I got distracted
  • Travis Scott is performing now.
  • oh hell yeah, let’s mosh
  • It’s really weird to think about how he has a daughter with Kylie Jenner. They just don’t seem like they’d go together
  • motown tribute.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jennifer Lopez sing…
  • Like I’ve heard a studio song from her, but never a performance
  • Lot’s of costume changes
  • Ne-yo. Haven’t seen him in a while.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yay! congrats H.E.R
  • I can’t focus on her though cause BTS are up there…
  • Wow… Taehyung touched that trophy. She could sell that for like 20x the price of another grammy, knowing how crazy BTS fans are.
  • He’s gonna touch another one in the near future…..
  • ooo they’re playing her off
  • I hate it when that happens
  • Brandy Carlisle up next
  • what a nice tone. I love women in country music, honestly. I can’t think of a bad one.
  • ooo fringe
  • my favorite color is fringe – Willam Belli
  • sorry, back to the grammys
  • this is wonderful. I don’t think I’ve seen so much country at the grammys ever.
  • Chloe and Halle are on. They’re great. haunting.
  • Cardi B- best rap album
  • huge shock! I thought it’d go to Mac Miller of Travis Scott. not mad about it though
  • Offset’s all up on her…
  • “maybe I need to start smoking weed” we love a comedian.
  • ok… Offset needs to back up
  • that was sweet.
  • St Vincent and Dua Lipa have matching bobs
  • are they gonna kiss…?
  • aw Alessia Cara and Bob Newhart are cute.
  • yay! Dua Lipa wins best new artist.
  • aw. the in memoriam 😦
  • Aretha Franklin tribute.
  • so much better than her funeral. maybe I shouldn’t rank the tributes to a dead woman, huh?
  • I just love to see Fantasia. She spices up anything.
  • whoa! Yolanda Adams coming through.
  • Song of the year: This is America
  • ok
  • )can I say something privately to you? I really don’t like the song. It’s just not listenable for me, it’s a good concept though.)
  • please please please Dirty Computer for Album of the Year
  • Golden Hour- Kasey Musgraves
  • that’s a big surprise
  • not mad though
  • wow.
  • Now we wait for the BTS post award show live stream.
  • I wont make you read that though.

Thanks for reading if you were able to get through these over 1000 words of nonsense!


Aggretsuko Is The Best Show on Netflix

I am not an avid Netflix user.

I don’t tend to visit Netflix unless I’m in a very specific mood to watch stand up comedy or anime. I don’t really have an interest in much else. Actually, sometimes I’ll watch documentaries on there. So 3 things.

Today I was in a big anime mood™.

So I went to the anime genre section and was quickly reminded that Netfilx made an anime about the new Sanrio character Aggretsuko.

I keep up with all the Sanrio news and am probably the sole cause of like 15% of their sales, so I wanted to know the context of the litany of very interesting merchandise Sanrio has released for Aggretsuko.

Well, I watched the whole first season and the christmas special…

In one sitting.

When I say that it sounds unimpressive, but I am not a binge watcher. I have a terrible attention span and I don’t tend to be particularly compelled by plot (that’s why I tend to watch mostly stand-up and documentaries).

But oh my god this show is good.

I really didn’t expect it to be quite as enthralling as it was, but I couldn’t look away.

Somehow all the characters are super interesting (including the creepy as hell meerkat), the jokes all land, the animation is consistently upsettingly adorable, and I love everything about it.

My personal favorite character is Fenneko, Retsuko’s (the main character) coworker who is the cutest fennec fox ever.

I also really love Haida, the hyena.

Even the characters that are supposed to be unlikeable are at least interesting.

I haven’t been this interested in a series in, like, years. The last time I remember being this enthralled by a show is probably the first season of Kill La Kill, which I watched back in my freshman year of high school.

This sounds so positive it’s like I’m sponsored but I’m not, I’m just very happy.

Ok, gonna go look at the prices of aggretsuko merch to see how I can buy all of it.


Which is Better: Duolingo or Lingodeer?

I made a video detailing my thoughts on which language app is more effective over the course of the past few days and posted it on youtube this afternoon. I thought since most of y’all don’t subscribe to my youtube channel (which you totally should), I’d make a dedicated blog post where you can read my thoughts.


So, what are duolingo and lingodeer?

Duolingo and Lingodeer are both free language learning services that offer basic to intermediate lessons in a variety of languages.



  • offers detailed grammar tips
  • teaches grammar in an almost template style format
  • builds upon itself as the learner progresses through the course
  • separate vocabulary and grammar reviews
  • intuitive, customizable review sessions
  • story feature where one makes things learned in lessons more tangible
  • teaches stroke order of chinese characters
  • rapidly expanding languages offered
  • hangul chart in korean course
  • cute mascot


  • offers fewer languages
  • less ubiquitous than duolingo
  • fewer vocabulary words than duolingo




  • ubiquitous, everybody uses it
  • a wide variety of languages (even fictional languages like Klingon)
  • wide variety of vocabulary offered
  • good chrome application
  • less learning curve
  • dedicated lessons to the writing systems of languages ie cyrillic, hangul, hiragana
  • longer courses
  • competitive in groups
  • rewarding (gems)
  • tinycards app to use alongside
  • cute mascot


  • seems to be stagnating in expansion
  • some courses are only available online and not on the app
  • no explanation of grammar points
  • the gem system discourages me from studying for a long period
  • doesn’t teach stroke order in mandarin course


So, which is better?

I don’t think either app is better per se. I think honestly the best thing you can do if you wanna use apps to aid in studying is download both and use them in conjunction. Use duolingo vocabulary with lingodeer grammar rules to teach yourself how to construct sentences.

Thank you for reading!

Please comment if you want more reviews of learning resources from me and follow my blog!

French Fry Tour: Ocean City, Maryland

before i review french fries i wanna make a disclaimer and explain this post. A) i like stupid stuff like this so if you don’t this post isn’t for you B) no, i don’t eat french fries every day in my daily life so don’t say anything pointless about how i should eat healthier, don’t be self righteous C) i wanna make french fry tours everywhere i go because to be honest as a vegan at most restaurants french fries are all i got (because next to nobody cares to be inclusive but that’s another topic) would you like more fry tours? i’m gonna make them anyways but i like approval.


french fry specimen 1: frog bar

i didn’t get a picture of these but imagine super brown fries with pepper.

these were above average fries.

i’m personally a soggy fry person and these were crunchy fries. i still liked them though because they went with ketchup well and i consider fries a delivery device for ketchup.



french fry specimen 2: thrashers

next to my purse for size comparison (they were split among three, again, don’t call me gluttonous) 

these fries are not supposed to be eaten with ketchup for tradition reasons so i did it right and had them with just malt vinegar. fun fact about me: i love vinegar. salt and vinegar chips are my favorite and when i make guacamole i add vinegar instead of lime juice. in other words i appreciated the vinegar.

these were crunchy fries again and they were quite potatoey.

i liked them though.

would’ve been even better with ketchup.



french fry specimen 3: de Lazy Lizard



these were so good.

they were a little potatoey and had skin which i like.

they were allowed to be eaten with ketchup and i loved them.

super soft and nice.


liveblogging black panther

i still have’nt seen black panther yet so i’ve decided i should liveblog my comments as i finally watch it. i love talking during movies so imagine i’m leaning over at you in the movie theatre making these comments.

  • this intro is super cool in animation even if it starts with the princess bride style narrative
  • is that an armalite rifle?
  • oop we love a shaved head on a woman
  • ugh i love wax print fabric
  • that marvel intro with the comic book pages flipping is still corny they really need to change it
  • good god chadwick boseman is cute
  • danai gurira too
  • imagine if in the black panther helmet there was just another head
  • aah lupita! she surprised me there
  • oop t’challas gonna kill everyone
  • WALLAHI (i love hearing one of my favorite words)
  •  ok scenery, go off
  • you ever think about how in real life africa there are a lot of technological advancements being made but nobody ever gives any african person credit?
    ooh critical social commentary in a marvel movie
  • YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is a whole ass conspiracy
  • i got goose bumps (waterfall scene)
  • the strength of the black panther. stripped. Away.
  • shuri is a relatable girl
  • oh my god
  • oh my god
  • mbaku doesn’t have to do this to me
  • you know winston duke apparently went to high school with jenna marbles?
  • holy colors
  • i love saturated colors but i also love desaturated colors so it’s hard to pick a favorite.
  • no it’s not i prefer desaturated colors
  • here’s a hot take: african and african inspired architecture is far nicer than any brutalist or minimalist architecture will ever be
  • is that the dude from get out?
  • i still haven’t seen get out i’m worried it’ll scare me
  • god i love elderly people
  • chadwick boseman must hate doing the wakandan salute more than i hate being in the same room as turkey meat
  • i love how shuri pronounces korea
  • i hope i hear lupita say something in korean
  • was that a “what are those”?
  • oooo boy that outfit’s fresh
  • c’mon wig
  • lupita saying 고마워 is gonna be my new ringtone
  • is that the dude from sherlock? i hated that show. except for the first episode
  • a soundcloud joke?
  • COME. ON. WIG.
  • wow, this dude’s got shooters
  • there’s kendrick
  • shuri is like the funniest character ever in a superhero movie
  • “guns. so primative” true.
  • i love to see lupita look like she’s having fun
  • i should stop acting like i’m on a first name basis with lupita n’yongo
  • yes more lupita speaking korean
  • erik killmonger is kinda just a bemused hotep if you boil down all of his traits
  • is killmonger the child of the uncle?
  • this is a lot of social commentary. i bet 60% of the audience didn’t get it.
  • they have horses
  • every scene shuri’s in is golden
  • i hope chadwick and lupita kiss
  • this movies long, huh
  • i love dismissive laughter
  • yessss another waterfall fight
  • imagine being an extra in black panther and having that on your resume for the rest of your life
  • i-RAQ
  • wasn’t michael b jordan the human torch in fantastic 4?
  • lupitas about to snap some necks
  • purple skies again. still amazing.
  • wow killmonger sucks
  • he really choked an old lady
  • hmmmaybe being extremely violent won’t give people the best impression but i guess if you’re killing everyone that doesn’t matter
  • wow look at all these giant dudes
  • mbaku’s back to make me internally scream again
  • i love a vegetarian king
  • angela bassett’s range is unmatched.
  • HE LIVES!!!!!!!!!
  • look at all these OUTFITS
  • tchallas like violet from the incredibles
  • fucking rhinos!?!!!!!!
  • oh i will witness the might of the jabari. don’t you worry
  • these rhinos are the best sfx in the whole movie
  • this death scene is very anxiety inducing
  • is he not gonna die?
  • oop slavery reference
  • update: he died
  • everybody in this movie has perfect skin what the hell
  • “coachella or disneyland” why is shuri the funniest character ever?
  • is this sza in the ending credits?
  • i recently listened to ctrl for the first time and sza is a vocalist.
  • every once in a while the ending credits from this movie circulate on tumblr and i watch it all the way through each time and right now is no exception

short review of black panther:

10/10 so good

i love seemingly lighthearted media with social commentary interwoven in. i also love lupita nyongo and winston duke.