French Fry Tour: Ocean City, Maryland

before i review french fries i wanna make a disclaimer and explain this post. A) i like stupid stuff like this so if you don’t this post isn’t for you B) no, i don’t eat french fries every day in my daily life so don’t say anything pointless about how i should eat healthier, don’t be self righteous C) i wanna make french fry tours everywhere i go because to be honest as a vegan at most restaurants french fries are all i got (because next to nobody cares to be inclusive but that’s another topic) would you like more fry tours? i’m gonna make them anyways but i like approval.


french fry specimen 1: frog bar

i didn’t get a picture of these but imagine super brown fries with pepper.

these were above average fries.

i’m personally a soggy fry person and these were crunchy fries. i still liked them though because they went with ketchup well and i consider fries a delivery device for ketchup.



french fry specimen 2: thrashers

next to my purse for size comparison (they were split among three, again, don’t call me gluttonous) 

these fries are not supposed to be eaten with ketchup for tradition reasons so i did it right and had them with just malt vinegar. fun fact about me: i love vinegar. salt and vinegar chips are my favorite and when i make guacamole i add vinegar instead of lime juice. in other words i appreciated the vinegar.

these were crunchy fries again and they were quite potatoey.

i liked them though.

would’ve been even better with ketchup.



french fry specimen 3: de Lazy Lizard



these were so good.

they were a little potatoey and had skin which i like.

they were allowed to be eaten with ketchup and i loved them.

super soft and nice.



virginia trip day 7

this is the day i left.

in the morning we went on a dolphin boat tour.


we were surprised to learn that the boat ride was supposed to be a “thrilling” ride so we took motion sickness pills and then got on. it should’ve alerted us that it would be fast and “thrilling” when we saw the name “OC Rocket”.

i expected to maybe see 3 dolphins but i think we saw at least 8!


there were even babies out ♡♡♡

after going on the boat i was drenched since i sat on the edge so i rinsed off and then we drove 3 hours from ocean city back to virginia.

there we had one last meal at CAVA and then took off for the airport.

i studied at the terminal and then we took the plane ride home. i did some japanese and mandarin study on the plane and watched John Mulaneys “Kid Gorgeous at Radio City”. i pissed off the girl sitting in front of me with my laughing.

we got home at about 11:30.

i wish i could show you how happy my pets were to see me but i don’t wanna film moments like that. the best part of going on vacation is coming back and seeing your pets.

that was too sappy. yawn.

stupid post coming soon.

virginia trip day 6

sorry i didn’t post for 2 days, i’ll be posting 3x today.

this day started with a trip to the beach where we sat for a while and i took pictures of the nice cloudy sky.


that black fin is a bottlenose dolphin

we saw some dolphins off the shore and that inspired us to get some tickets for a dolphin watching cruise (see next post).

we next went to assateague island to see the wild horses.


after assateague, we went to eat lunch at De Lazy Lizard. they ran out of veggie burgers so i had fried avocado tacos and guess what?

more french fries!


a virgin pina colada


after eating we spent the rest of the day at the house and i got an email saying i’ve won another AP scholar with distinction award. i’m happy about t but i feel a lot of pressure to achieve every time i get an academic achievement.

virginia trip day 5

today was a pretty low maintenance day. we went to the beach for the morning, walked down the boardwalk, then went home to relax.


famous thrashers fries. you can’t eat them with ketchup


i think i’m coming down with something. i’ve had a bad cough and a pressure headache all day. 😦

virginia trip day 4

this day we drove from virginia to ocean city, maryland.



the drive was about 3 hours and when we got there we dropped our stuff of at the beach house and then went to the boardwalk.

so many beach umbrellas


we ate at the frog bar (i got french fries) and then shopped at a few stores on the boardwalk. i bought some earrings and a shot glass for my collection.

we let the boardwalk to hang out at the house where i took a nap and in the evening we went to food lion to get some groceries.

guess what…

they had my favorite vegan mac and cheese!

after going to the food lion we just went back to the house and i immediately went to sleep.

sorry i didn’t post yesterday, the wifi was spotty but i’ll be posting twice today.

virginia trip day 3

today i have 2 big plans: go to the botanical garden and see joan jett in concert.

i woke up at 7:30 and did my morning stretches, studied, an bullet journaled until about 9. i then got ready and we left for the botanical garden at 10.

not much happened there aside form taking photos and walking so i’ll show you the photos i took now.


after going to the botanical garden we visited a vegetarian restaurant called sunflower. i enjoyed the inarisushi but i didn’t like the rice bowl i got.

i’ll probably get back from the concert after midnight and i really want this post up so check back later for an edit with joan jett details. ♡


we saw joan jett! this was my first rock concert and it was wonderful.

the concert began with Tesla, then Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, then ended with Styx.

Joan Jett was my favorite (duh).

here’s some photos:


virginia day 2

today’s big plan was to go to the arlington national cemetery.

i woke up at 6:30 and studied mandarin for about 30 minutes.

i sat on the porch and had about 1.5 liters of water to start my day.

i then put on my makeup, got dressed, and went outside to take pictures of the foliage in the woods around colette’s house. here’s some of the pictures i took. they’re out of focus, sorry.




we sat around and did the finishing touches to getting ready and then we were off.

we took the metro to rosslyn and then switched to get to the arlington cemetery.


i didn’t take many pictures out of respect but i’ll give you a brief synopsis. we took the tram tour around.

stop 1: JFK’s grave and the eternal flame. it was really nice to see. i have a mild obsession with jackie so it felt like a pilgimage to see her.

stop 2: Coast Guard Memorial

stop 3: Pershing Gravesite

stop 4: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. there was a cool changing of the guard ceremony. it was really long and i liked watching the dudes click their shoes but the rifles freaked me out. they swung them around and i thought each time “i’m gonna get shot”

stop 5: Arlington House. under construction so we didn’t get off the tram.

stop 6: Iwo Jima Memorial. that statue is giant! it seems like it would be life size in photos but it had to have been 30 feet tall.

i almost had a hypoglycemic episode but i had glucose tablets on me and my mom let me have some cashews from her bag.

when we left we took the metro back and then stopped at a restaurant called falafel express and oh my god. the best falafel i’ve ever had.

i got 2 orders of it to go alongside the bowl i had there because it was so amazing. i plan on having more falafel for dinner.

now we’re back at the house and i don’t have plans for the rest of the night. i’ll insert an edit if anything remarkable happens