The Sanrio Obsession Intensifies

2 of my earliest memories revolve around sanrio.

One of my first memories is watching the hello kitty vhs tapes that my mom bought me on our big 80’s TV, and another is going to the sanrio store and buying this magnet:

I think it came with a pack of gum too, but the gum is over 10 years old at this point so I don’t have it.
I was 4 years old when I got this.

I’ve always been weak for sanrio, but recently there’s been an upset.

My life has been completely complicated by one thing:


It’s the sanrio mobile game where you can take care of Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pom Pom Purin, and Kerropi and good god I’m obsessed.

All of these screenshots are from one day.

I’ve become an absolute fiend for this game.

But the biggest thing that’s happened since I’ve started playing it is…

My favorite sanrio character has changed.

I’ve teetered between My Melody (+ My Sweet Piano, they’re a package deal) and Little Twin Stars, but now I’m absolutely certain that my favorite character is:


*audible gasp from the audience*

I know, I know.


I’ve even changed my phone wallpaper.


I just wanted to let you guys know about this new development.

Thanks for reading!


Contacts, Schedules, Whatever

ooh late post

I don’t have a ton to say right now because I’m tired and I really want to go to sleep but I know I should post just for the habit of it.

I’m up for a busy few days soon.

On Saturday I’m taking my required drivers ed course, on Sunday I’m probably gonna be working over 8 hours, and on Monday I have my orientation.

I don’t like having obligations every day that aren’t a part of a daily routine.

I think I would definitely prefer if my work schedule was consistent rather than different times each day, you know?

Maybe it’s actually that I just hate doing things I don’t want to do.

I can imagine that if I was a celebrity I would enjoy stuff like award shows that aren’t routine. I probably just hate boring stuff.

I hope that I get to do cool stuff often in the future.


I really don’t have much on my mind.

I think I want to start wearing contacts more.

I don’t have many contacts right now so I wear them super sparingly, but I think when I get my next prescription I’ll order a lot of contacts.

Weird question:

Are circle lenses super out of vogue nowadays?

I remember when everyone that was cool wore circle lenses, but I haven’t seen many people wearing them for the past like 2 years. There’s a pair of really cool lenses that have pink and black tulips on the edges that make your eyes look frilly that I really really want to buy.

It’s not that I want to fit in badly, but I keep talking myself out of buying them.

I also want to buy a pair of sclera lenses.

I think that would be cool. I’ve always wanted to look like I’m possessed.

It’s hard to talk yourself into spending money on cosmetic lenses.

Wow, how vapid.

I think I’m too tired to be blogging right now.

Have a nice night!

The Case For Vapidity

I love photo editing apps with a sticker function like line camera, picsart, and rakuga cute.

I know a lot of people find the sticker thing to be really tacky but I don’t care one bit because I think they’re cute.

So here’s some pictures of me with stickers on them ♡



So, now that people have clicked out of this post for it being vapid or useless, let’s talk.

I wish people wouldn’t be unnecessarily critical toward people who have supposedly vapid interests.

This came to the forefront of my ind today as I’ve been looking at chess resources and chess news since I’m beginning my journey to become a chess player. People regard chess as an ultimate sport of the mind and as a completely non-frivolous endeavor. Why is that? If we think about it hard enough, chess is first and foremost a game. A game mainly played by the privileged. A game mainly played by the privileged with a community that is crawling with sexists, ableists, and people who look down on the “lower classes”.

Note that I don’t blame chess for these issues, I blame the community.

I was hoping to find a nice, intellectual community when I took a foray into a forum and boy was I wrong. People on that website are aggressive, quick to criticize, and rarely quick to disown racists and sexists in their community (in my experience).

Again, is not a proper sample of the entire chess community and I am not blaming the game or even the majority of players for the actions of anonymous dorks on forums.

I have discussed my appreciation for the “silly” many times on this blog.

I love:

  • taking pictures of myself
  • tiny dogs
  • stickers
  • pastel colors
  • makeup
  • stuffed animals
  • skincare
  • disney
  • lip gloss
  • doing hair
  • cooking
  • escapism
  • (tasteful) glitter
  • fashion
  • stationary
  • etc etc

and I will not allow others to dissuade me from my interests.


For a large period of my life, I’ve found myself shunning things that I truly like so that I won’t be seen as a bimbo, vain, stupid, or worthless in serious discussion. I’m sick of it!

Let me tell you a story.

When I took AP Music Theory at my second school of that year, I felt pretty ostracized. With the exception of a few friends in the class and one neutral dude, the class was populated by a judgmental clique. When I would raise my hand they would roll their eyes, I even heard one say “here we go again” one time. I would get stares when I wore my favorite outfits as though it’s a crime to not wear jeans and a sweatshirt every day like they did. They would laugh as I spoke.

You wanna know something funny though?

My teacher liked me, I got great grades in the class, and I ended up getting a 3 out of 5 on the AP exam (a score many of them failed to reach).

After that class and the drama that defined it for me, I decided to be a bit more shameless when it comes to doing what I like. For the next year or so I was slightly more shameless but there was still a lingering terror that hung above my head at the idea of dressing 100% the way I like or talking openly about my more vapid interests.

I love my blog but I think I’ve failed to truly express the more vacuous side of my nature. I think I’m in a period of transition.

I like having a place to be shameless.

I like encouraging others to live shamelessly.

I am so thankful to those who have told me I inspire them to blog!

So I will be a bit more me from here on.

And that includes stickers.

thank you for reading!