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discouraged: intro to the week of vapidity

i don’t feel comfortable writing personal posts right now because of the backlash i’ve received for my last post. i think with my current mental state (sad, slightly suicidal, terrified of the future) i shouldn’t post anything to encourage the people in my life to respond negatively.

so i’m declaring this upcoming week the week of vapidity.

i won’t be posting any personal thoughts, opinions, or feelings on this platform so as to prevent negative comments, arguments, and preaching in response to my posts.

look forward to:

  • OOTDs
  • talking about animals
  • selfies
  • discussion of boy bands
  • no actual emotional substance

if you want anything of substance maybe avoid my blog for a while.

if you are actually interested in my life, too bad. i guess you’ll have to wait until everyone can realize that self aggrandizement is not encouraged on my blog.

while i’m here i’m going to thank my mom again for buying me my domain. thanks mom, i love you.

have a nice day.


not excited about tomorrow

tomorrow i have a lot to do but i’ve already been exhausted by the past 2 days. 

yesterday i took my AP biology exam and it went worse than expected. the multiple choice was easy as always but when i did the free response section i counted the number of questions wrong and thought that i only had to answer 6 questions so i timed myself to write 6 answers but in actuality there were 8 questions to answer so i had to answer the last 2 in only 4 minutes. i fully answered the 7th question but i was only able to write 1 sentence of the 8th questions answer. i hope my multiple choice score was high enough to counteract that gigantic blunder.

ever since my failing yesterday i’ve been feeling really upset and annoyed by everything because it feels like i make so many mistakes. 



tomorrow i have 3 major things to do. i have to:

  • meet with my economics teacher to try to get my grades in his glass high enough for me to have a complete transcript
  • take my AP macroeconomics exam
  • perform in my spring choir concert

all of this ( alongside normal daily activity) i have to do while feeling awfully upset at myself and exhausted by the world.

i’ll update you once tomorrows main events are over.

p.s did you notice the center alignment? 

do you like it?

here’s a picture i took during a break in theatre the other day



feeling numb

after crying on and off all day yesterday i cant feel anything. i just want her back so bad. i wanna pet her and hug her and take just a few more pictures of her. i miss having her scratch at my door in the middle of the night and i miss her jumping onto my bathroom counter while i’m trying to wash my face even though those things used to annoy me. i just wish this didn’t happen. i wish life was fair.




my beautiful grey kitty london died today at about noon. im inconsolable so i need to vent or whatever this post is. as i write this im crying and waiting to get her cremated. im gonna tell you all about her:

  • i got her when i was 5 and i dont have any memories where she wasnt in my life.
  • she and her sister always fought
  • shes so pretty with soft grey hair and shiny green eyes
  • when she slept in my bed she would sleep right near my head
  • she was the floppiest cat ive ever held
  • she loved water as long as she wasnt being bathed; she loved playing in faucets, getting in the shower right after id gotten out, and occasionally playing in the toilet
  • she rarely meowed
  • she loved to hide inside paper bags
  • whenever i’d reach to pet her she’d lean into my hand

i truly believe she loved me. im so sad i dont have a lot of pictures of her but here are a few of them

she was so affectionate, her and her sister are truly the perfect cats for me and i hope i get to see london again in some way

ED Recovery

graduating from treatment today

this is gonna be a short post since ill be writing about actually graduating later today.

im very excited. i kinda wanna cry because im not sure if im ready to return to the “real world.”

today i plan on looking cute so im wearing my black turtleneck, black heeled jellies and my lavender wide leg pants (for the 4walls effect) and a decent face of makeup.

im sad that my friends are in school so i cant invite them to my graduation ceremony but ill be fine because my moms gonna be there and thats what matters most.

ED Recovery

im graduating from treatment tomorrow

i dont know how i feel.

i think ill continue to eat in a healthy way but ill always have an eating disorder and thats what saddens me.

tomorrows post will be even more in depth about how treatment was since ill probably be feeling nostalgic about the three and a half months i spent there. but today ill just talk about the results ive gotten from treatment… in list form!

  • i only body check 3-4 times a day rather than roughly every 30 minutes like i did at the beginning of treatment
  • i have more fun doing less
  • im less nervous when im alone
  • ive come to terms with the fact that im a bit of an attention seeker
  • my language skills have improved since ive had more study time
  • i eat now
  • i dont gorge myself on water before each meal
  • i am less afraid of scales
  • my self care routine is better
  • i wake up less at night and dont have as many nightmares
  • i maintain a weight rather than suddenly losing 7 pounds in a few days then gaining it back in the same amount of time
  • i have body parts that i like now (my eyes, my legs, my hair, my hands)
  • just to reiterate: i eat consistently now
ED Recovery

the life without ed experiment: results


for the past few days ive referred to my eating disorder as a separate person.


it was uneventful.

iev realized that i dont really refer to my eating disorder often. i also have learned that it doesnt change how i feel about my ed– i still hate it.


i have realized after thinking about what it would be like if an ed was a person taunting me that i should be a bit more self compassionate. i don’t have a tendency to be nice to myself (surprise), but i do think that ive improved in self compassion through ed treatment. this experiment has served as a good form of exposure therapy where ive developed more comfort rather than habit with self compassion. you know what i mean? like ive had a habit of self compassion but it hasnt been super genuine until this experiment.

maybe referring to your ed as a person is a good idea as exposure therapy because i really believe that i benefited from this.


heres a picture of me petting a donkeyIMG_2214.jpg


questioning my blackness

am i black enough?

thats been a question ive had for my whole life. i identtify as multiracial when given the option but when, for example, i have to check boxes on standardized tests like the ACT (which i got a 35 on),i have always chosen black.


am i wrong for that?


i’ve learned that to some, i am.

i’ve discovered a youtube channel called chrissie and her comments have made me question my whole life.

i’m not totally sure if i agree with her opinions on whether i fit blood quantum but i will admit that i agree with the majority of her statements. dark skinned black women do in fact deserve positive representation where they aren’t masculinized, interracial relationships need to be looked at through a nuanced lens, many lighter skinned people do have subconscious feelings of superiority over their darker skinned counterparts. the only thing shes said that i have any dissent toward are her statements that multiracial people are allies to black issues rather than bonafide black people. and i’m not totally sure if that’s even what she means.


i don’t know…

what’s your opinion?


i ordered some new clothes

my mom got her tax return and you know what that means

we spent a f*ckton of money on things we don’t necessarily need

my mom let me order about $170 of clothing from fashion nova and i’m a little nervous about trying on the clothes. i got a few pairs of jeans even so even if i didn’t have an ed i’d be nervous.

don’t get me wrong i’m super excited because i (a) love shopping and (b) love wearing cute stuff. i just really hope everything fits right.

but anyways…

fashion nova please sponsor me

ED Recovery

is my eating disorder a different person?

if you’re really interested in eating disorders for whatever reason you may have, you’ve likely heard of life without ed. essentially the author describes her eating disorder experience through the lens of an abusive relationship with “ed”. i’ve been thinking about this book for that past 2 days or so.

i don’t know how i feel about the concept of this book.

i can see how it would be a good way of expressing your eating disorder to another person who’s inexperienced, however i don’t think the book is really meant for those dealing with an eating disorder.

i like to believe that my eating disorder is an extension of myself but a part of myself that expresses herself poorly and just needs coping mechanisms that are actually healthy.

but maybe it could be beneficial for my treatment to see my ed as a separate person from myself, so as an experiment i’m going to refer to it separately from myself for the rest of this week.

& since i’m going to name my eating disorder i’ll name it capitalism because of course i will.

here’s a picture of me for the road